Your First Visit

Your First Visit

Your First Visit

What to Expect

Congratulations on taking the beginning steps on your path to a healthier, happier life! The dedicated advanced medical team at Integrated Health Solutions is excited to be a part of your health journey and cannot wait to begin working together to develop a non-invasive, drug-free treatment plan customized specifically to treat your pain. Below, we describe how our team goes about developing this plan with you.

Contact Integrated Health Solutions

Whether this is your first time visiting an integrated practice or you are simply looking for an alternative to addictive drugs or surgery, our advanced medical team is here to answer your concerns. Our friendly staff is available for a complimentary consultation to see if we are a good fit. Just give us a call to set up a phone consultation or in-person appointment.

Schedule an Appointment

We’ll discuss your availability and schedule an appointment that works well for you. While many physicians will meet with you to diagnose your condition and then refer you to another healthcare professional, Integrated Health Solutions takes care of our patients as a team. Thanks to our diverse group of healthcare experts, our clinic is capable of identifying your issue, formulating an effective treatment plan, and performing high-quality treatments all in the comfort of our Orland Park chiropractic clinic.

Submit New Patient Forms

To help us get to know you a little better, we ask that you fill out your new patient forms before your appointment. These forms go over basic information, such as your insurance provider, referral information, and additional health-related questions. We also provide a health assessment covering your main health concerns or issues, your health goals, and anything that would hinder health success.

Intake Completed Pre-appointment

This information will be uploaded automatically to our intake system and readily accessible to our team during your consultation. Upon your arrival at our chiropractic office, you will meet with a case manager to review your intake forms and verify that there is no vital information missing or incorrect.

Initial Health Exam

Understanding your body and uncovering the root of your concerns is the most important part of integrated care. To help us better understand what we will be working with, you will meet with our licensed nurse practitioner and chiropractor. During this time, they will complete a preliminary health examination, collecting important information such as blood pressure, pulse, and reflex response. This information helps us to diagnose your cause of pain.

Detailed Health Assessment

Once we have the preliminary information, you will meet with our advanced medical team to further discuss your issues. Based on the results from your examination, and due to the fact pain in one area of the body may be caused by inflammation or injury in another part, we will run all necessary x-rays and diagnostic tests in-house. These tests help us better look at the body and identify the areas we should target with treatment.

Customized Treatment Plan

After all exams and tests are completed, your advanced medical team at Integrated Health Solutions will review the findings with you and discuss your customized treatment plan as well as the cost of treatment. In most cases, insurance covers at least a portion of the cost for chiropractic treatment, with many of our clients’ policies covering all treatment costs. At this time, you can make a fully educated decision on how you would like to proceed with treatment. If chiropractic care and medical treatments at Integrated Health Solutions are in your future, we will work to schedule your first treatment.

Experience the Difference at Integrated Health Solutions

At Integrated Health Solutions, we’re more than healthcare professionals; we’re a team. Unlike other physicians’ offices’, we have a group of highly qualified practitioners, therapists, technicians and a medical doctor on hand to develop and administer convenient and personalized pain solutions. We don’t focus on just one part of the body – we look at you as a whole individual so that we can properly diagnose, treat, and ward off pain. So, if you’re prepared to begin your journey to excellent health, get in touch with our Orland Park office.

We look forward to meeting with you soon!

Consultation, Examination,
Posture Screen, and X-Ray with
Report of Findings

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In order to live a productive and fulfilling life, we need healthy bodies. It is important to be healthy not only for yourself but for your loved ones. Many people don’t realize that having a strong nervous system is a huge factor for our health. Schedule a free consultation at Integrated Health Solutions to see how chiropractic care & medical treatments can benefit your daily well-being.

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