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Are you pregnant or have you just delivered a new bundle of joy? Mom, we are happy for you and want you to feel your best. We can provide you with specific, safe, and easy chiropractic adjustments for a healthier pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Our experts are ready to help you with prenatal & postpartum chiropractic in Orland Park IL.


At Integrated Health Solutions, we believe that everyone benefits from chiropractic care, including moms-to-be. Chiropractic care can benefit pregnant women and their babies tremendously by encouraging the body's normal physiological functions.

Our doctors are Webster-certified. This is the gold standard technique for assessing and adjusting pregnant moms. The goal of the adjustment is to balance the pelvis and improve neuro-biomechanical function in the sacral/pelvic region. Please watch the video above where Dr. Mimi, our prenatal chiropractor, explains what is addressed through the Webster technique.

Chiropractic and the Webster technique not only helps women with many musculoskeletal conditions, but it helps balance the pelvis to potentially allow for more optimal positioning of the fetus. Women who seek chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy typically experience more comfort, less pain, and less time in labor.

Common issues during pregnancy that we help pregnant women with through chiropractic care:

  • Low back/SI joint pain and dysfunction
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Round ligament pain
  • Pubic pain/lightening crotch

As a chiropractor who also specializes in extremities, Dr. Mimi often helps moms with jaw, shoulder, knee, hip, and wrist discomfort, and more. She also loves training women on the foundations of core function and stability as it is not only important in preventing pain and preparing for birth, but it is also crucial for postpartum recovery!

This technique is gentle, safe, and effective. Moms can begin care as early as they'd like in pregnancy many start receiving care BEFORE conception!

Here are a few examples of how chiropractic care helps contribute to a healthy pregnancy:

  • An expectant mother's stability and structural balance can be enhanced through chiropractic care, allowing her to feel more comfortable throughout her pregnancy. The mothers nervous system, which is hard at work controlling all of her bodys systems as well as the babys growth, will experience less nerve interference.
  • Pregnant women who regularly see their chiropractor generally spend less time in labor and require less medical intervention than other mothers. Chiropractic adjustments can reduce or even eliminate tension on the ligaments supporting the uterus, which has been proven to ease pregnancy symptoms and aid in delivery.
  • Due to extra weight in the belly area and hormone relaxing in the body, expectant moms can develop intrauterine constraint that results in pain. Routine chiropractic care during pregnancy has been proven to help reduce pain and provide an easier labor and delivery.


Now that baby is home, and you are awash in emotions, chiropractic care might just be what you need to recover from giving birth to your wonderful baby. At Integrated Health Solutions, we know that some traits of your pre-pregnancy body will not return quickly. To have your baby, your body produces relaxin, a hormone that softens your ligaments and opens up your joints for delivery.

By seeing us for chiropractic care, we can help you get your body realigned and centered by correcting any misalignments that could have happened during labor. We will also make sure that your body is functioning as best it can so you can heal. The state of your nervous system determines your ability to heal and adapt, and that's what we're experts at. Chiropractic care will also help reduce any back pain from feeding and carrying the baby. Soon you will have the strength and energy to care for the new boss in the house.


Some conditions that can be treated with pelvic floor rehabilitation are:
urinary stress incontinence, pelvic pain, coccydynia (tailbone pain), diastasis recti, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, pubic symphysis dysfunction, cesarean section scars, low back, hip pain, or pelvic pain during or after pregnancy. As a BIRTHFIT leader, Dr. Mimi has helped many women restore the function of their pelvic floor through nervous system-centered care and rehab, and she collaborates with pelvic floor therapists in the area as well.


We can help you feel better during your pregnancy and support you in your postpartum recovery. At Integrated Health Solutions, we have helped many moms-to-be and many new moms feel their best. We can help you too in Orland Park IL. Call us at (708) 403-5075 or fill out the contact form here on our website.

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