Chiropractic Testimonials

"I’ve been going to see Dr. McParland for a little bit now and I can really say that it’s really helped me. I used to experience constant headaches from my twitching and it always sucked getting up in the morning cause my head was pounding. But ever since I have been attending Integrated Health they have gotten rid of 90% of the headaches. I have been waking up easier and easier and its been so easy going since I started. I would definitely recommend people that have had constant problems to stop by and see what she can do. I think you’ll most likely find the help you need here."

- Andrew H.

"My experience here has been very good. There’s a multitude of different ways to increase your health and your routine is very personalized for you. This is a great way to get in shape."

- Carina D.

"Starting 3 years ago, I couldn’t feel my toes on my right foot, and then 2.5 years ago I couldn’t feel the whole foot, and it moved to my left foot. I didn’t know what it was. I got checked out because I thought I had Diabetes, which I didn’t.I was losing my balance and I actually fell out of my shower one day. I was sitting in my living room trying to gather my thoughts, and I saw your ad on the TV. I called it right away, and within 2 weeks you got me in here, and I’ve done really, really well since I’ve started this.I honestly didn’t know what to expect. When he shocked my feet and I didn’t feel anything, but I stood straight up when he touched my hands – I could tell I had no feeling in my feet whatsoever.Once they explained what Neuropathy was (I didn’t know what the word meant until I came here), it started to make sense, and I decided to do the treatments.On the 4th one I could feel both of my feet! I still had tingling in my toes, but I was so impressed, because I had been told it can take up to 10-12 times before results are seen. So once I saw the results of that, I told my mother about it and now I got her here – it’s been a success for both of us.Within the 4th or 5th time, by balance was fine. I’m just so happy that ad was on TV because I didn’t know what it was, so I called. They explained it to me and it all makes sense. It’s very impressive, this place.It’s a commitment, but it’s definitely worth it. I live 260 miles away, so it’s over a 500 mile drive round-trip. So it was basically a one-week commitment of staying here every-other week to get my appointments in, but I wouldn’t change a thing.Once I decided to do this, I was 110% committed. It takes a lot of commitment to make it successful, but it is absolutely worth it. I’ve probably referred 12 people to you, and I’d refer more."

- Bob G.

"I came in because I had difficulty moving and standing for long periods of time. I had loss of feeling in my left foot and leg. I had trouble sleeping due to foot pain. Most athletic activities were difficult, if not impossible. I had a very difficult time getting up from the floor or a bent over position.I saw a commercial on TV that showed one of my greatest fears – losing my foot due to Neuropathy. My pain was getting stronger and becoming constant. I called to schedule a free screening, but I came in as a doubter that this would work.I am now able to play pickleball comfortably (still have a lot to learn, LOL) for several hours a day. I can turn and pivot during play. Between walking to and from courts and playing, my Fitbit is logging about 15,000 steps each morning, when at times before I struggled to make 5,000 steps.In fact, my husband and I took the club championship for our 2.5 level of play bracket and didn’t start playing until September 2021. I do stop playing, though, when I have overdone it and can’t feel my foot (which is very interesting to the people I play with and against). I can tell when I don’t do therapy in the evening, my morning doesn’t start out as well as it does when I follow the guidelines. I do find that I have to change shoes a couple times during the day, just to adjust the pressure on my foot.I had noticed that my toenails were not growing and I also very seldom had to shave my legs. Both, I learned, were the results of poor circulation. The therapy has changed both of those symptoms. I still have a ways to go, but I have come so far in about 8 months, I can’t wait to see what the next month’s bring."

- Merry Jo E.

"Finally decided that I am tired of my back going out and that I better do something about it. After going to so many different chiropractors over the years, I found Integrated Health Solutions in Orland Park. After my initial visit with Dr. McParland, she said “just give me a chance and I promise you will see results”. It’s been a couple of weeks and this has been so different then the other chiropractors I have been to. My back is getting stronger and since this is so different I am determined to keep it up and give her a chance.Not only is the entire staff very serious about every patient getting better, I have to give the biggest praise to Hanan who runs that front desk. They won the front office lottery when they hired her to be part of that team. From day one she has addressed me by my first name when I arrive (even when I walk in on non appointment days), knowing every detail of my future appointments (even though I have changed them numerous times), and just having the most pleasant attitude and most accommodating personality that I have experienced in offices I have frequented.Before thinking of having back or neck surgery, or just having a “bad back”, I highly recommend you give Integrated Solutions a chance to make you whole again."

- Karen S.

"I love it! Everyone there takes good care of you. You never wait long. Friendly environment. From the Receptionist to the Doctors, Specialist, Tech, etc.. they are compassionate and they show empathy. They are very knowledgeable about what they do. They also are very educational to their patients. I couldn’t ask for a better staff that works great together and also care about the patients well being."

- Jabez P.

"Went in hardly able to move, walk or sit. Within 1 visit I found so much comfort, after 4 visits much better. Its been just over a month now & I’m on the road to recovery. So grateful for all the staff at Integrated! Hanan, the assistants, the Dr’s & son are all a pretty amazing team!"

- Sandrea M.

"Dr. Miriam is so different than other Chiropractors because she treats you as part of her Family. Its been four and half years since April 2016 that Dr. Miriam has kept my wife Geraldine out of surgery for her Spinal Stenosis. With Dr. Miriam’s guidance and direction of keeping a proper diet, lower her sugar, and exercise, my wife has recently lost an additional10lbs. Dr. Miriam always takes her time in consulting and listening to her patients. The staff at integrated Health Solutions is so friendly and gets to know Dr. Miriam’s patients personally. My wife has been to other Chiropractors but Dr. Miriam is the best of the best. Dr. Miriam has improved my wife’s back issues tremendously. Dr. Miriam is a caring Doctor that puts her patients health first. I am grateful to Dr. Miriam who is allowing my wife to have better life style ever day."

- Dennis A.

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