Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy

We all have trigger points. A trigger point is a sore muscle that feels like a stone to the touch, so it is sometimes referred to as a knot in the muscle. Trigger Point Therapy applies pressure to the sore muscle to break up the knot and reduce the pain.

Here at Integrated Health Solutions, we offer Trigger Point Therapy to help our patients with myofascial pain syndrome and other musculoskeletal conditions. Medical professionals are now spending more time learning about muscle tissue and how it can be effectively treated with therapy.

Trigger Point Symptoms

How will I know if what I am experiencing is a trigger point? It is not cut and dry, but if you experience the following symptoms, you may have a trigger point. The signs are:

  • Muscle stiffness — If your muscles feel tight and it is hard for you to move your arms or legs, then you have muscle stiffness. In addition to the stiffness, you may have muscle aches, cramping, and general discomfort.
  • Extreme muscle tenderness — If you do not want anyone to touch your muscles because it becomes too painful, then you have the classic symptoms of extreme muscle tenderness.
  • Muscle knot — A muscle knot occurs when the fibers in the muscle tense up to the point and feel like a bulge or a knot.
  • Referred pain — If you have pain somewhere else in your body instead of where the injury is then you have referred pain, which is also referred to as reflective pain.
  • Loose skin near the muscle — If you have lost weight, sometimes there will be loose skin near the muscle, and that can become a trigger point.
  • Warmer, colder or damper skin near the muscle — If the skin near your muscle is warmer, colder or damper than the rest of your skin, you may have a trigger point in that area.
  • Gritty skin — If your skin feels like sand is covering it, then you may have gritty skin, which can be a trigger point.

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If your muscles are aching and you are in great pain, you can get relief with chiropractic care and medical treatments. At Integrated Health Solutions, we use trigger point therapy to reduce your muscle pain and allow you to live a more normal life. For more information on how chiropractic care and medical treatments can help you with your musculoskeletal conditions, contact us today us to schedule an appointment.

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