Between severe neck pain and trouble moving your head, whiplash is not something to take lightly. Whiplash refers to a neck injury from sudden, rapid head movements. The most common cause of whiplash is car accidents, but you may also develop this condition after a fall or an injury while playing sports. If you believe you have whiplash, the advanced medical team consisting of a medical doctor, nurse practitioner and chiropractors at Integrated Health Solutions can help. 

Whiplash Symptoms

Whiplash sometimes mimics the symptoms of other neck issues. Neck pain is sometimes attributed to muscle tension from poor posture or stress. Whiplash is distinguished by the event that occurs before the pain starts. If you were in an accident or injured your neck, your neck pain is most likely whiplash. There are also a few symptoms to pay attention to:

  • Reduced movement in the neck
  • Neck pain and stiffness 
  • Numbness in arms
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness

In some cases, whiplash is accompanied by psychological symptoms such as depression, irritability, insomnia, and memory problems. Whenever you suspect you may have whiplash, you should visit a healthcare professional as soon as possible. Taking action when you have whiplash is key to eliminating the pain. 

Treating Whiplash

Whiplash treatment involves a combination of self-care methods and professional guidance. Treatment is essential to proper healing and reducing the likelihood of complications. At Integrated Health Solutions, we treat whiplash with a variety of effective procedures. If you have whiplash, you can try physical rehabilitation, chiropractic care, medical treatment, or a combination of these treatments. All of these noninvasive options are effective in treating pain caused by whiplash. Here’s what you can expect. 

  • Physical Rehabilitation. We will work with you on performing gentle exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles in your neck. Whiplash typically limits your neck’s mobility, so stretching and moving these muscles will ease the tension. 
  • Chiropractic. Chiropractic uses special maneuvers to reintroduce mobility. However, chiropractic targets the neck joint and relieves pain by realigning the spinal cord. Chiropractic treats your pain without surgery or prescription pain medications.    
  • Other Solutions. Our team provides many other effective services, including trigger point therapy and more. Many patients benefit from a combination of our services, so speak with our team to discover all of your options.  

Just as no two individuals are exactly the same, no two people have the same experience with whiplash. You may notice a significant improvement within weeks, or it may take a bit longer if your injury is severe. No matter what challenges you face, our team of integrated medicine specialists will stand by you as you work towards a healthier, pain-free life.

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Treat your whiplash using our innovative services at Integrated Health Solutions. Chiropractic care, physical rehabilitation, and our other treatments will restore your neck’s mobility. Let our compassionate advanced medical team lend you a hand as you find treatments that work for you. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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