Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder includes the muscles, ligaments and joints that allow us to shrug, throw a baseball, swim and so much more. With shoulder pain, you may be unable to do everything you typically can. Fortunately, a pain specialist can guide you to improved health. Many times shoulder pain is attributed to lifestyle choices, injuries and health conditions that can be managed using proper care. Integrated Health Solutions has the full range of chiropractic services you need to overcome your shoulder pain. Our advanced medical team works one-on-one with you so you can achieve better health. 

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

Considering the flexibility of the shoulder, as well as how often we might hurt those muscles in our daily life, shoulder pain remains one of the most common chronic pain conditions. There are several major causes of shoulder discomfort:

  • Bursitis: Sometimes, an individual develops inflammation of the bursa, which are the fluid-filled sacs that cushion joints. When these become inflamed and swollen, you may develop subacromial bursitis, a painful condition that often limits your range of motion. It often is related to rotator cuff tendinitis and makes many daily activities hard. 
  • Tendinitis: Inflammation of the tendons within the shoulder leads to tendinitis. You may experience acute or chronic tendinitis, which resolves over time or can become worse, respectively. Most commonly, this condition results from a tear in one of the four rotator cuffs, the tendons that reach from the top of your head and through the shoulder to keep it in its joint. 
  • Arthritis: Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and many other forms can all affect the shoulder, leading to complications around the joint. Over time, these degenerative conditions can cause lasting pain that’s difficult to cope with. 

Other potential causes of shoulder soreness include injuries, muscle strains, overuse and more. These conditions may manifest as pain alone, or be accompanied by swelling, stiffness and muscle weakness. Generally, you likely will find yourself unable to move your arm as usual, especially when lifting. No matter how much discomfort you’re facing, know that one of our knowledgeable pain specialists can get you back on track. 

How to Treat Shoulder Pain Naturally

Eliminating shoulder pain isn’t always easy, but chiropractic makes it a possibility. A chiropractor can alleviate your worst symptoms naturally, which helps to limit side effects while promoting full-body health. Many forms of shoulder pain are related to the joint, and that’s what makes chiropractic so effective. An adjustment can realign the joint and ensure any tension resolves. Likewise, chiropractic promotes your body’s innate healing abilities, and so you can enjoy improvement in less time. 

Chiropractic also limits inflammation, reduces swelling and promotes circulation, which in turn reduces the full range of side effects you are likely experiencing. It is even effective on chronic conditions and can help individuals with arthritis manage their pain. Over a few weeks, you’ll be able to do more and deal with less pain. 

Talk to Our Orland Park Chiropractors and Advanced Medical Team to Begin Treatments

Shoulder pain poses many challenges to your daily life. Know that relief is in sight with the help of Integrated Health Solutions. Our chiropractic and medical treatment services are designed to reduce your symptoms while boosting your overall wellbeing for years to come. If you have a shoulder injury or painful condition, be sure to give our advanced medical team a call

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