Everyone experiences headaches from time to time; anything from abrupt changes in temperature to the overexertion or stress can cause pain in your head. These symptoms are usually fleeting, and within a few hours, your headache will disappear. However, persistent, regular and extremely intense headaches can benefit from medical attention and can be indicators of serious long-term problems if left untreated. Integrated Health Solutions may be able to help ease your worst headache symptoms with a range of different treatments while investigating their root causes.

What Factors Cause Headaches?

While headaches can occur for almost any reason — or no reason at all — regularly-occurring headaches generally stem from a few root causes. These include:

  • Persistent stress
  • Problems with diet/exercise
  • Fatigue
  • Low/high blood sugar
  • Concussions
  • Long-term sickness (influenza, etc.)
  • Injuries on the field or at work
  • And many more

Pain should be seen as an indicator that something is wrong: your head — and brain — are very sensitive areas of the body, and any regular or abrupt stress on them often results in pain. We believe the best method for dealing with this pain is the treatment of the underlying conditions, something Integrated Health Solutions has been helping patients with for many years!

What to Expect From the First Examination

When treating your persistent, long-lasting or intense headaches — as with any other medical condition or symptoms — our first step will always be determining the underlying cause. Perhaps you experienced a severe concussion while playing sports, or are lacking essential nutrients in your diet. Whatever the underlying cause, we need to know what we will be treating before we begin using our many techniques and medical tech to your advantage.

During our first session, we provide our patients with a full examination — including x-ray screenings if necessary — to determine the underlying cause of our patient’s pain. Following this, we consult with them over potential treatment methods and paths forward. At Integrated Health Solutions we understand that the patient’s comfort comes second only to his or her health and during our consultation, we will help our patient select the most effective and least-invasive or uncomfortable methods possible for each individual.

Treating Your Pain

After we have selected the best method forward, we will schedule our first sessions, and begin our patients on their path to healing. When it comes to dealing with headaches, we have several therapeutic options available at our facility, as well as holistic methods to help our patients relieve their pain. We also use programs for improved health and wellness, adapting both diet and exercise to target any health deficiencies which may be contributing to persistent headaches.

Our length of treatment varies — some headaches require only slight behavioral or lifestyle modifications before clearing up, while others will need long-term attention and care. Whichever category your headache falls into, we are happy to offer the most effective and comfortable treatment options at an affordable price.

For more information on our headache treatment methods, give us a call or visit our website today!

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