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Category: Massage Therapy

Integrated Health Solutions provides massage therapy services as a treatment with chiropractic care. Contact our team to arrange for a consultation in our Orland Park, IL office.

  • Feb

    Ask A Chiropractor: How Can You Treat My Neck Pain?

    If you suffer from neck pain, you know first-hand how debilitating it can be. From impacting daily functions to preventing you from living a happy life, back pain is a hassle. It is essential to receive the proper treatment for your pain to restore your normal daily routine pain-free. Despite its high treatment rate, however, … Continue reading "Ask A Chiropractor: How Can You Treat...

  • Dec

    5 Reasons to Schedule Your Child an

    Our chiropractic team knows that, as a parent, there are few things more painful than seeing your child in discomfort. Even though you cannot protect your child from every discomfort they will encounter in their life, there are steps to take that can prepare their bodies...

  • Dec

    The Importance of the Spine

    Did you know the spine is one of the essential parts of the body? Along with keeping us upright, the spine helps protect arguably the most important part of our body – the spinal cord. Made up of a series of nerves, the spinal cord is...

  • May

    How Visiting a Chiropractor Improves Your Productivity

    Work-related injuries are as stressful as they are painful. You may have swollen joints, sore muscles or a stiff back. These symptoms are distracting and challenging to cope with. If your pain stops you from putting forth your full effort at work or prevents you from...

  • Mar

    Why Chiropractic Should Be Part of Your

    In today’s world, it goes without saying that overall health and fitness are vitally important. Eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water, going easy on the alcohol and keeping a positive attitude will all go far towards staying healthy, no doubt, but when it comes to...

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