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Category: Chiropractic Care

For relief from your neck or shoulder pain, contact our experienced chiropractic office in Orland Park. Dr. McParland is trained with advanced holistic techniques and is ready to provide a remedy for you to pain-free.

  • Jun

    Knee Pain After Running: What to Know

    Running is a great way to improve heart health, manage stress and spend time outdoors. Despite its plethora of health benefits, however, runners are at risk of injury and pain. Running is a high-intensity activity that places immense stress on the knees, meaning athletes need to be aware of the symptoms of knee pain. If … Continue reading "Knee Pain After Running: What to Know"

  • May

    Benefits of Natural Pain Relief

    If you’ve been dealing with chronic pain, you’ve likely tried all kinds of treatments to ease the discomfort. You may also wonder what the long-term effects of certain pain relief methods are, and how they may impact your body. That’s why Integrated Health Solutions takes a...

  • May

    How to Deal with Back Pain At

    Dealing with back pain while on the job can make your workday unbearable. If you’re struggling to manage the pain, it can impact your productivity. Low back pain has many different causes, such as muscle overuse, and it can occur whether your job is physically intensive...

  • Apr

    How Chiropractic Care Can Reduce Anxiety

    Do you frequently feel anxious, uptight or worried? You aren’t alone. Millions of people have an anxiety disorder, and many more experience general worries in their everyday lives. Stress has numerous negative impacts on health, so it’s important to effectively manage your feelings. What many people...

  • Apr

    Common Sports Injuries

    Exercising is one of the best-known ways to manage weight, reduce your risk of chronic illness and improve your overall quality of life. Many people choose to play sports as means to get active. Whether you play sports competitively or casually, you need to learn how...

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