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Category: Chiropractic Care

For relief from your neck or shoulder pain, contact our experienced chiropractic office in Orland Park. Dr. McParland is trained with advanced holistic techniques and is ready to provide a remedy for you to pain-free.

  • Sep

    Impacts of Chronic Pain on Your Overall Health

    All of us experience pain at some point in our lives. Injuries, chronic health conditions and illnesses cause discomfort and may impact your everyday routine. On a biological level, pain is beneficial since it signals that something is wrong and helps you protect yourself. However, prolonged pain can take a significant toll on your health. … Continue reading "Impacts of Chronic Pain on Your Overall...

  • Aug

    Differences between Migraines and Headaches

    When you’re experiencing head pain, it’s not always easy to tell whether it’s caused by a migraine or a headache. Both of these conditions can cause significant pain that makes living your day-to-day life challenging. Differentiating between the two is key to finding a treatment that...

  • Aug

    How Chiropractic Can Help You Destress

    Almost everyone will experience a stressful situation sometime in their life. But some individuals experience prolonged feelings of anxiety, which can cause various physical health problems over time. The effects of stress are well documented: high blood pressure, weight changes, muscle pain and headaches are just...

  • Jul

    Can My Child Benefit from Chiropractic Care?

    If you’ve undergone chiropractic treatments, you know the immense benefits that come along with regular adjustments and other methods of care. However, the health advantages of visiting a chiropractor as part of your regular wellness routine don’t just apply to adults.  Children are notoriously adventurous, making...

  • Jul

    Heal Your Body With This Specialized Laser

    For far too long, traditional medicine has been focused on treating your symptoms rather than healing your body. While temporarily relieving your pain is a significant plus of many medical treatments, healing is always a better option. Fortunately, with K-laser treatments, you can directly target areas...

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