Tips on Developing Healthier Movement Habits

Tips on Developing Healthier Movement Habits

Tips on Developing Healthier Movement Habits

Tips on Developing Healthier Movement Habits

July 23, 2023

Daily movement is one of the best things you can do for your body and your overall mental and physical health. While in the past people tended to be much more active every day, our current society has made this a more difficult habit to achieve. Many of us work desk jobs 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. So how do we incorporate movement into a schedule like that, and is it really worth it? The answer is a resounding yes. Daily movement and exercise has been proven to increase your activity levels, improve your sleep, and cardiovascular health, decrease stress, and much more. Even knowing the benefits, starting these healthier daily habits can be hard and sticking to them can be even harder. Take a look at these helpful tips below on how to incorporate healthy movements into your everyday life.

Keep Realistic Expectations

Many people jump into changes, especially when it comes to physical fitness, with expectations that are too high. In fact, it is often found that overly high expectations can actually have negative outcomes on your performance and mental health. If you start by setting smaller, more realistic goals for yourself, you will be more likely to achieve them, which will lead to an increase in confidence. Remember, you can always change your goals too. By using this stepping stone method, you will be more likely to achieve your desired end goal.

Allow Time For Rest

Even though your goal is to move more, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also schedule in time for rest. When increasing your daily movement and exercise it is important to also have downtime. This downtime allows your mind and body to adequately rest after exertion. With proper rest you will be better equipped to continue on with your movement goals.

Work With What You’ve Got

Some people struggle to include more movement in their day because they won’t work within their schedule. If they can’t make it to the gym that day, then they don’t exercise at all. This all or nothing approach often leads to less healthy movement. By working within your normal schedule you are more likely to successfully add more movement. For example, if you work a desk job you can implement things as simple as taking a five minute break to stretch, or if space allows, using a standing desk or desk treadmill. 

Make Movement A Daily Habit

One way to help keep up with your daily movement goals is to make it a habit. Stretch first thing after waking up, walk for five minutes during your lunch break, or do cardio for 20-30 minutes first thing when you get home. All of these options can help increase your daily movement by making it a ritual you do every single day. The more often you do it, the easier it gets to continue.

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