The Importance of the Spine

The Importance of the Spine

The Importance of the Spine

The Importance of the Spine

December 01, 2020

Did you know the spine is one of the essential parts of the body? Along with keeping us upright, the spine helps protect arguably the most important part of our body – the spinal cord. Made up of a series of nerves, the spinal cord is responsible for connecting the brain to every part of the body. Without this connection, our senses, such as hearing, touching, and tasting, would be nonexistent. In fact, much of what we do on a day-to-day basis would be impossible. Today, the team at Integrated Health Solutions is sharing the importance of your spine and why keeping it healthy is essential to our overall health.

How the Spine Impacts Health

When your spine is healthy, it is easier for your body to function and heal itself. When you sustain an injury or your spine becomes misaligned, it disrupts your brain’s communication with the rest of your body. Prolonged or untreated back problems can potentially lead to issues with the nervous system and other parts of your body. Common issues caused by poor spinal health include chronic headaches, sinus issues, fatigue, weight problems, and poor immune function. 

Keeping Your Spine Healthy

The key to a healthy body is keeping the messages from your brain unobstructed as they move through your body.  Despite its important role in the body, though, the spine and spinal cord or highly sensitive and are more vulnerable to injuries than many other parts of the body. You may think that simply improving posture or adjusting the way you sit at your desk can help keep your spine in good shape. While that’s a great starting point, there are several other ways to promote a healthy spine. 


  • Staying Active: You hear it all the time, but exercise is one of the most important ways to keep your entire body happy and healthy. Not only does exercise promote good heart health, but it also helps nutrients flow through the body and keeps your muscles, joints, and ligaments strong and flexible.
  • Eating Right: Implementing a healthy and balanced diet can help with your spinal health. Eating foods with high anti-inflammatory properties can assist with back pain and inflammation.
  • Practicing Proper Lifting: This especially pertains to those whose jobs contain a great deal of heavy lifting. Incorporating the knees and hips when lifting items eases stress on the spine and can help prevent back injuries.
  • Regular Chiropractic Care: Scheduling regular appointments with a chiropractor is one of the leading, non-surgical ways to prevent and ease back pain and injuries. At Integrated Health Solutions, we offer various treatment options to ease back pain and promote spinal health, including decompression, massage therapy, spinal adjustments. For those looking to improve their diet, we also offer nutrition and fitness programs to assist with spinal conditions related to weight issues.


Need Help in Achieving a Healthy Spine?

Our bodies rely heavily on our spines, from basic functioning to our health. When your spine is in poor condition, your overall health is sure to follow suit. If you need assistance with getting your spinal health back on track, contact the team at Integrated Health Solutions. We are here to help you live a happy, healthy life.

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