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Devonne G

I want to state that I hesitated in writing a review because I live by the mantra that you must allow people/individuals to make-up their on minds. I’m careful about influencing others decisions. Also I wanted to provide a review worthy of her character, experience and dedication.

I absolutely adore Dr. Miriam. Prior to seeing her, I saw another chiropractor who recommended Dr. Miriam for acupuncture. Upon my first consultation, which was free, I could barely stand just to take the x-rays. Simply and bluntly put, I was in tremendous pain. She also took the time to ask me what my own personal goals were in relation to my health. I explained that I missed being able to dance and that I missed living. She replied, “I do everything in my to get you back in the game of life if you doing everything you can.” She also informed me that acupuncture would just be a temporary fix and that she doesn’t do temporary. On my next visit to review her findings, I found her to be very honest, upfront and concise. To keep it short, she explained that I had a long road ahead, but, if I committed to her instructions, my condition would vastly improve. From that moment, I just trusted her. I knew in my heart of hearts that if I did everything she listed out, from diet to exercise, I would be well again. So in July of 2015, I started my journey. As of today I’ve lost 64 lbs. and I only have 9 lbs. left to reach my target. I’ve traveled to New Orleans, twice, Florida and soon L.A. In other words I’m back to living life.

Here’s my final thought. We all live in a time where people want a quick fix. All the other doctor’s that I encountered never seemed to care. They would just give me some quick fix for the pain/symptoms and send me on my broken way. Not Dr. Miriam. In our first therapy session, she said, “We need to get you off those prescription drugs.” I smiled because the drugs given to me by the other doctors were causing me to have suicidal thoughts and I remember thinking to myself, finally someone understands. Her approach is to maintain a long, healthy life through effort; which includes a proper diet and exercise. Would I recommend her, absolutely. Do I trust her, absolutely. Am I forever indebted to her, absolutely. From the first day that I met her to today, I’ve thought that someone in heaven must love me.

Dennis Antolec

Dr. Miriam is so different than other Chiropractors because she treats you as part of her Family. Its been four and half years since April 2016 that Dr. Miriam has kept my wife Geraldine out of surgery for her Spinal Stenosis. With Dr. Miriam’s guidance and direction of keeping a proper diet, lower her sugar, and exercise, my wife has recently lost an additional10lbs. Dr. Miriam always takes her time in consulting and listening to her patients. The staff at integrated Health Solutions is so friendly and gets to know Dr. Miriam’s patients personally. My wife has been to other Chiropractors but Dr. Miriam is the best of the best. Dr. Miriam has improved my wife’s back issues tremendously. Dr. Miriam is a caring Doctor that puts her patients health first. I am grateful to Dr. Miriam who is allowing my wife to have better life style ever day.


Since 2013 I have been in chronic lower back pain with the feelings of lightening bolts and electricity in both legs down to my feet my spasms are like someone is stabbing with a knife without warning spasms hit hard my legs shake and give out on me and I will fall to the floor I feel like I’m losing the function of my legs and I couldn’t hold my bowels everyday which was a nightmare I will be honest I’ve had accidents at home and most humiliating at work In the past 6 years I’ve seen over 15 doctors and 2 trips to Mayo Clinic’ in Minnesota last year 4 doctors this year all said there is nothing I can do for you and I can’t forget 18 spinal shots and one spinal cord stimulator implanted in my spine and now removed The doctor from Mayo Clinic told me to go see a chiropractor I have never seen one before so I researched online and I do read the reviews and Dr Miriam had the highest rating she was my choice I met with her and I knew right away I was in good hands She took xrays of my whole spine and I found out I had several herniated disks in my neck NO OTHER DOCTORS did that but her I was shocked with my neck disks She asked my if she could have my huge file to bring home with her to review and she said “I’m going to come up with a plan to get you better but you have to listen to me “ I knew again right there she was different from all the other doctors I have seen before she truly wants to get me back to health and help me with the unbearable pain I have every day Within 2 months my bowel issue is back to normal which was a huge situation to deal with especially at work the decompression with my lower back and neck has helped me my right lower back feels good the laser treatments helped with the deep back muscles with I could not even pinch my skin it was so tight now I can pinch and move my skin started doing acupuncture therapy and it is taming down the electricity in my legs and feet I know this is a long review but now as time is going by there is improvement and I have hope I still have my good and bad days like every else and I’ve even broken down a couple of times in front of her I’m only human and she will hug me and say it’s going to be ok not only is she a smart hardworking doctor but she also has so much compassion with her heart she will do what ever it takes to help you feel healthy again plus she is a wonderful smart compassionate doctor also they truly are a great team together plus Nora and Hassan are professional thoughtful sweethearts really a great office staff and what can I say about CHARLIE he is the cutest I hope my long review will help you take a chance like I did by reading all the reviews without doing so I would not have found Dr Miriam who I am grateful for a doctor who wants me to have a better life

Marie R.

We have been seeing Dr. McParland for over a year now. My husband and I took over a 3 1/2 month vacation. She got my husband and I through this vacation, which included many physical activities such as walking, climbing up and down stairs and sitting for long periods driving. By the end of our vacation we were feeling the stressors put on our bodies. Dr. McParland gave us exercises to do on our travels and provided many helpful tips before we left. We had some deterioration while we were gone but we are glad to be back and getting the help we need to putting our bodies and health back in better condition. She is there for us and if you need to see her right away they will try and fit you in the same day you call. Thanks Doc. for everything!

I have not been with Dr. McParland’s office for long but I believe starting here in this office is one of the better decisions I have made. There are many items in my life at age 65 that have manifested themselves into a different variety of aches and pains, too many here to mention. Dr. McParland was very informative from the beginning describing not only why many things happen but also the progressive approach to help lessening symptoms to an ultimate end of keeping these symptoms away without a multitude of pills. I will admit I get discouraged when I hurt and don’t feel like things are working but I know if I don’t continue going forward with treatment I will be in worse condition in the future. I would recommend everyone suffering to come in for a consultation and see how you can be helped.

Michael A.

After being discharged from the Military for medical reasons sustained while on deployment, I found myself not only in constant pain, but falling into depression because of it. Thanks to Charlie’s Angels, I have been on a road to not only feeling better physically but mentally as well. Dr. Miriam not only took the time to help me via adjustments but also reminded me that as long as I was willing to put in a little work, I could thrive again. I am 100% sure that the laser treatments on my knee have saved me for a 4th operation. My ability to walk with far less pain in my knees and back have improved my life in ways that I never thought. I will be forever grateful for Dr. Miriam, Chris, Kelly and Charlie The office dog.

Brad Arseneault

Dr Miriam and staff really care that patients leave feeling better than when come in. I’ve been coming here for over a year now . Always feel 100% better and come move more when I leave. Thanks

Laura Walker

Dr Miriam and staff our great. I started coming a year ago with 2 pinched nerves and sprained shoulder. The adjustments they do help you feel better.

Connie Logan

I have been a patient of Dr. Miriam McParland for the last five years and would like you to know how completely satisfied I am with her expertise in the chiropractic field. She has a very efficient staff to help her administer to her happy patients. It’s a fun place to get the help one needs. She’s helped keep my soon to be 87 years old body in good working order. Kudos to Dr; M Come join her happy family.

Marie R

I highly recommend this practice if you are experiencing any difficulty with mobility. One of the issues I suffer from is sciatica. I have had to use a wheel chair in the past when this condition would strike. I have been visiting Dr. McParland for at least 4 years now and she has kept me moving by keeping this condition under control. She and all her staff are willing to go the extra mile for their patients. I highly recommend you give them a try and see for yourself.

Aaron Marsh

Excellent service friendly helpful staff quite the addicting experience… Will recommend to all my friends and family.


Dr. Miriam and her staff are the most wonderful, caring people. This was my first experience with chiropractic treatment so I was fearful. Dr Miriam takes the time to educate patients and is careful to make sure everyone is ok. She is an amazing, genuine person. A one of kind!!

Lori Mizera

I would highly recommend Dr. Mc Parland to anyone experiencing any pain or discomfort . I have been suffering with neck pain and lower back pain for several years. I finally made the decision to try to fix the things that were bothering me. I am so happy I made the appointment at Integrated Health . The staff has been awesome and Dr. Mc Parland has already improved my conditions in a very short period. She not only heals the areas in which you are experience pain she heals your overall health. Her positive and amazing energy compliments her outstanding care that she gives. She truly is a brilliant and caring doctor that puts her patients health first and foremost. I really wish I would have found her sooner.

Matt Murphy

I am a senior that is being treated at IHS. It is amazing how much flexibility I have recovered especially in my neck, shoulders, back and hips; improved gate when walking; stable balance; and actually standing erect again! Feel like I did when I was in my 30’s.

Emily Jomes

Everyone here is very friendly and don’t keep you waiting around. My back has felt so much better since coming here and they do a great job at fixing the problem areas.


Dr. Macparland and her staff are polite, professional,, and positive. She is has been helpful to me in my recovery.. Their facilitiy is equipped with all of your recovery needs.


Friendly atmosphere with professional, courteous, and personalized service. I recommend this practice to my family and friends. You do not have to be sick to be a patron. They help with maintaining a healthy life.

Geraldine Antolec

My wife Geraldine has been seeing Dr. Miriam since March 2016. My wife has spinal stenosis of the lower back. Through Dr. Miriams expect advise on weight loss, taking the right vitamins and continuous adjustments, Dr. Miriam is able still today 3 1/2 yes later to keep my wife out of surgery. Dr. Miriam is a very caring person to get patients. I have tremendous respect for her.
Thank You
Dennis Antolec

Reuben Montemagni

I saw Dr Miriam for severe low back and knee pain from an injury during a martial arts competition. Dr Miriam took great care of me and I was able to get off the table and stand with my full weight on the injured knee without pain! Dr M was thorough and intuitive and I will continue to get adjusted by her to boost my healing and performance. Thanks for the amazing care!


After two back-to-back pregnancies, I was oftentimes having trouble just walking until I saw Dr. Miriam. She is a miracle worker!! My back is 1000 times better, and I no longer have trouble walking, sleeping, working out, etc.
Make an appointment to see her today if your back is acting up.


I was referred to Dr. McParland, by my family doctor, Dr. McNair.
By the time I was referred to Dr. McParland I had been admitted into the hospital for 2 days. I had went to the emergency room 3 times

Scott F.

I have suffered with low back pain and numbness in both legs for many years. I have tried other chiropractors, medical doctors and even taken prescriptions drugs and that never got rid of my problem. I heard of Dr. McParland from a friend and heard that she was very knowledgeable and up front and would be able to help me. So I decided to give her a try. I went in for a consultation and to my surprise her knowledge was above and beyond my expectations. She not only helped me eliminate my back pain and numbness she also helped me with my sinuses and stomach issues. It was not an easy fix but Dr. McParland told me upfront that it was not going to be easy and that it would take time and effort on my part and that if I followed her protocol that I would get better. I am glad to say that I haven’t had a sinus infection or episode in 3 years and my GI issues are under control. Dr. McParland is up front and tells you like it is and her staff is amazing. From the moment you walk into Integrated Health Solutions you are greeted by Vicki’s warm smile and Dr. Brittany has been a great addition! Oh and cannot leave out Charlie he is the best office dog ever, I especially look forward to seeing him.

Carletta P.

The doctor here is extremely thorough but the best part I love is her attention to detail and natural holistic care.

Amira H.

Prior to Dr. McParland, I’ve seen 3 other chiropractors. They didn’t do for me in a year what she did for me in 3 months. I have days when there is no pain and I haven’t had that in years.

Cynthia E.

Previously I had no experience with natural, holistic solutions and integrated health management. However, the services provided at Integrated Health Solutions are tailored to fit my individual care needs in a friendly and positive environment.

Spero S.

Dr. Mc Parland is warm, thorough and compassionate. After 6 weeks of Physical therapy, I was unable to do a push up due to shoulder pain. She gave me a treatment and now I am able to do them.

Mark Z.

Dr. Miriam goes over X-ray and specifically explained what was going on with me then went over a complete treatment plan. I highly recommend her! Fairly priced for comprehensive and thorough plan of care.

Merime S.

I have been very fortunate to have found this doctor. Within the last two months of spinal adjustments I’m back to doing most of the things I love doing. Looking forward to continuing care from a great team at Integrated Health Solutions.

Steve G.

I had surgery to repair a torn meniscus. The treatments I received along with the personal advice from Dr. McParland made a world of difference.

Sandra G.

Dr. Miriam is the best at what she does.  She has helped me immensely on trying to get my life back on track after complications with a reversed cervical curve. I am so thankful for her.

Hillary C.

I came to see Dr. McParland after I was rear-ended over the summer. She took the time to do a full evaluation of my health going above and beyond the trauma from my accident. Her and her staff always make me feel welcome and I leave every session feeling happy and well adjusted! Dr. McParland cares deeply about educating her patients and the community on how to achieve their maximum health potential. I would highly recommend her practice to anyone and everyone. Don’t wait until an injury to start chiropractic care!

John T.

I feel better each visit.

Firas N.

Dr. McParland takes a lot of cars to understand all that is bothering or ailing you. I was impressed with the breadth of service she offers to help me out together a plan that works for me. She took a holistic approach to diagnosing and treating me, it was very refreshing. I highly recommend a visit!

Megan G

I came to Dr. McParland because I was experiencing extreme neck pain and frequent headaches. After being under her care for about 3 months, I have very little pain in my neck, and my headaches are few and far between. The office is very warm and friendly, and scheduling is a breeze. Everyone in the office really takes the time to get to know you. I would highly recommend Integrated Health Solutions.

Anthony T.

I cannot say enough about the care that I have received from Dr. Miriam. She is from the heart concerned about my health and well being and is always working to help me feel better both inside and out. I am truly fortunate to have her as my health provider.

Stephanie C.

Came in with headaches that were continuous and that would happen 6 days out of the week. Now, not a single headache in 2 months! I sleep better, feel better, and more alert at work.

Lorianne B.

Addresses more than just chiropractic adjustments but the longevity of pain free life style. Love the friendly culture of the office and their sweet in office dog Charlie!

Diana C.

GREAT chiropractor! She is fixing my husbands herniated discs, he’s almost done! He’s doing SO much better!

Catherine A.

Very beneficial care for my back and neck. The exercises are important to follow! I enjoy the workshops that are informative for chiropractic care. The staff is awesome!

I look forward to going to the Chiropractor! I feel that my wellness needs are improving! Stress, health and injury are important reasons why getting my adjustments are so important to me!

During my adjustments, my needs are thoroughly addressed. I really like going on the flex table!

John P.

I would highly recommend Dr. Miriam McParland to anyone who wants to experience great health. She has extensive knowledge of the human body & nutrition. I came to her with forward posture, poor digestion & high anxiety. I’ve been dealing with these issues since I was 14 years old. Had been to several doctors & prescribed many different kinds of drugs. She taught me to use the right nutrition & NO DRUGS to cure my problems. My overall health is 100 percent better now. I have not felt this good since I have been a kid! I am very proud to be a patient of Dr. McParland.

Geraldine A.

The staff and Dr Miriam are very compassionate and caring. Since being a patient I have had my lumbar pain lessen especially my legs at nite and heartburn of several years has resolved. I had a skin condition that cleared. Very satisfied with the concern of Dr Miriam in all issues. Thank you for your doctor and all your staff.

Mimi M.

I have been getting adjusted by Dr. Miriam since she graduated from chiropractic school. She is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of health and always has great answers to any questions I have. I experience back pain every now and then and she helps correct it right away. A couple of weekends ago I got thrown off of my horse and was experiencing severe pain and headaches. I was back to work on Monday feeling great. Dr. Miriam adjusted me and used laser therapy as needed, and told me which supplements I needed to be on to help me bounce back quickly and it worked. Not to mention her nutrition counseling is awesome!!

Amanda J.

With every visit with Dr. Miriam McParland at Integrated Health Solutions I feel my body and mind becoming stronger, healthier, and in control. She is an amazing chiropractor and I would highly recommend this office to anyone looking for positive results. Dr. Miriam and her staff are incredible and are always there with answers when you have questions. 5/5 stars to this office and to these amazing people!!!

Kamila H.

I came to Dr. Miriam’s office about 4 months ago with tears in my eyes because of the lower back pain due to my pregnancy. She kindly explained to me what’s happening to my body right now and what can she do to not only stop the pain but also help me with upcoming baby delivery. And I must say, she really helped me reduce my pain. I can still work, walk without the pain I had before I met her. She is not only a good doctor. She has a great personality. Everyone who comes to her office is treated like her family member. I highly recommend her practice to everyone I know.

Kelly S.

Dr. McParland of Integrated Health Solutions in Orland Park is an excellent chiropractor. She is very thorough. She has worked with me for my hip pain & headaches. I love the adjustments & laser treatments. She is knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you Dr. McParland!

Andrew H.

I’ve been going to see Dr. McParland for a little bit now and I can really say that it’s really helped me. I used to experience constant headaches from my twitching and it always sucked getting up in the morning cause my head was pounding. But ever since I have been attending Integrated Health they have gotten rid of 90% of the headaches. I have been waking up easier and easier and its been so easy going since I started. I would definitely recommend people that have had constant problems to stop by and see what she can do. I think you’ll most likely find the help you need here.

Nancy M

Dr Miriam is fabulous. Been coming for 6 months never felt better. She has improved my over life style and behavior. Best reason to come Charlie the office dog

Megan K.

Dr Miriam is a blessing. I have struggled with anxiety and neck pain for over 10 years. Within 6 adjustments I am feeling more like myself than ever. I am finally able to sleep through the night with minimal interruption, which is truly amazing for me. Dr Miriam is so caring and unbelievably kind. She will not only help you by being an outstanding chiropractor but by also being a person you can talk to and learn endlessly from. Her care does not stop at the adjustment. She will take care of any wellness need you have and carefully go through the plan with you so you have the best chance for success. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr Miriam and her staff.

Dennis A.

Dr. McParland has been treating my wife for approximately 3 months for her Sciatica. The healing treatments have been tremendous. Very easy to schedule appointments.

Tara K.

Dr. McParland has the healing touch! Any ache or pain is stripped away during each visit. Great staff. Easy scheduling. Quick visits. Highly recommended!

Amal M.

First I want to start off by saying, I had gone to Dr. Miriam before to help me with therapy and to ease my pain and breathing complications from my double mastectomy. She showed me what therapy to do at home to help ease the pain and to make sure my arms and shoulders don’t lock up. I also had difficulty breathing and she showed me some breathing exercises that helped me breathe without the assistance of my inhaler. It’s been a little over a year and they are still in their packaging.
I had traveled back to back to Italy and I returned home in early November and immediately came down with some sort of bug that progressively got worse over a month. I couldn’t sleep or eat as it was difficult to breathe from the congestion and the coughing and sneezing. So I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to run back to Dr. Miriam sooner but I finally went in on Monday and right away she can see I was having difficulty breathing. I was there only 15 minutes and I walked in gasping for air through my mouth but I left breathing normally. I went home had dinner and enjoyed it and I immediately fell asleep as I did not wake up until the morning. I never woke up once in the night to blow my nose or cough or sneeze. I decided to return again on Wednesday for another treatment and then Thursday and each time I felt better than the day before. She did this adjustment on Thursday to my ears, and I was amazed, when she did it to my left ear, I immediately felt relief and could hear better and the headache wasn’t as bad as when I came in. And if you have ever been sleep deprived, you know you can’t heal, so I’m grateful as this week I’ve slept well every night after a treatment. So now I know and strongly recommend that if you find yourself not feeling well, you should give her treatments a try, they worked for me and I’m a believer and trust me, next time I will not wait a month before I run to Dr. Miriam. I’ve decided to make my visits regular so that I can live my life an do what I love, travel.

Nancy P.

At nearly 65, with a 50-year-old scoliosis, a recent hip problem, major stress, and some resulting depression, I can move again, think again, be again – WITHOUT PAIN!

After one month of personal work and excellent therapies, including: adjustments, massage, nutrition guidance, decompression, and lots of targeted exercises, I am surprised, as well as grateful, to have a new lease on my life.

Thanks to the Integrated Health Solutions staff here, who now feel like family, I have literally gotten a new lease on life. I feel 20 years younger: not an exaggeration.

I am committed to continuing my lifestyle changes from here forward. I hope others will benefit from their full potential, at any age, by taking charge of their health and lives with integrative health guidance. There is so much we can do with the right practitioners.

Is it easy? No!

Is it fun? Yes!

It feels so good to feel good: and with no medications! I look forward to every new day and a bright future.

Carina D.

My experience here has been very good. There’s a multitude of different ways to increase your health and your routine is very personalized for you. This is a great way to get in shape.

Paula S.

I have been going to see Dr. McParland for about eight months. Before I found her I had been to other doctors with chiropractic and acupuncture experience, to no avail. Dr. McParland was very thorough with me, sat down and talked with me, one on one and explained everything I needed to know to help myself. My main concern was being able to walk/run a distance without the pain I was having all through my right leg. I like that she is a holistic doctor who believes in natural healing of the body.
I am now without pain. I have walked in a 5k perfectly. She also told me what to avoid nutritionally to help my body.
I would highly recommend her. As a matter of fact, I did recommend her to my brother. He also sees her now and has helped him as well.
P.S. The staff is outstanding!

Nene M.

Dr. Miriam McParland healed me tremendously, both physically and mentally from injuries I’ve been struggling with for years from a head-on collision. At only 24, I was facing a serious hip surgery, on 4 medications, and unable to dance or skate the same. Weekly visits for her adjustments, nutritional consultation, physical therapy, and several other natural treatments have changed my life for the better. I’ve lost weight, been off of all medications, suspended surgery, and live almost pain-free, enjoying activities I thought I never could again. I highly recommend her not only when dealing with an injury, but now that I’m educated in the world of Chiropractics, I also recommend her to fill a role alongside a family physician for general healthcare. She is truly knowledgeable and diligent in helping people live healthy and to love their lives.

Joseph R.

Dr. McParland is an amazing chiropractor, not only did she help me with my back problems, but she also got to the root of the problem and solved the back pain long term. I have recommended Dr. McParland to all my friends and family and will continue to do so to anyone that is in need of a TRUE CHIROPRACTIC THERAPIST.

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