Preventing Long-term Complications from Sports Injuries

Preventing Long-term Complications from Sports Injuries

Preventing Long-term Complications from Sports Injuries

Preventing Long-term Complications from Sports Injuries

December 19, 2021

Sports are a great way to exercise and have fun with others. Unfortunately, there are certain risks associated with sports, including falls, sprains and head injuries. Your best bet is to take all necessary safety precautions to stay safe, but if you’ve already been injured, don’t fret. There are a few steps to ensure your injury heals without future complications. Here’s how our chiropractors and advanced medical team at Integrated Health Solutions can help.  

Healing Capabilities

When an injury isn’t treated properly right off the bat, it can lead to problems down the line. Lasting pain, weakness and numbness are all possible complications depending on the type of injury. Usually, injuries affect the joints, bones, a muscle or even specific areas such as the head. Once you get proper treatment, it’s more likely that a health specialist will be able to identify any problems and ensure your injury is managed properly. 

At our office, we offer health evaluations for those with sports injuries. Chiropractic promotes the body’s innate healing capabilities and reduces problematic symptoms, such as swelling and stiffness. 


When you’re hurt while playing a sport, you likely wish to get back on the field as soon as possible. However, pushing your body further can lead to even more problems. Injuries take time to heal, especially if they affect tissues. Muscles, for instance, regenerate over the course of many days to weeks, meaning muscle tears can become worse if you try to use them too quickly. Rest is one of the most important components of healing, so don’t push yourself to do too much too soon. 

Warming Up and Conditioning

When you are feeling better to be active again, do gentle exercises to maintain your strength. Exercise can be beneficial for restoring bodily strength and mobility. Of course, be sure to do this carefully. Warming up will help you prepare for physical activity and lower the risk of further injury. We can help you build a fitness plan if you need assistance.  

Address Issues

Don’t wait to get help. As soon as you are injured, begin treatment to ensure your body heals. Waiting to get an injury assessed can lead to complications as you ignore the problem. You may not realize how severe an injury is until it causes symptoms later. As such, plan on visiting our chiropractic specialists so you can ensure everything is ok. 

Understand Your Injury

Different injuries require different treatments. Discuss with a health specialist so you understand the nature of your injury. This way, you can strategize your care plan. We can also use this information to ensure you receive the right treatment for your needs. Everyone is different, so we help you through individualized services.

Work with a Chiropractor

After an injury, proper medical treatment is impartial. Once you’ve gotten the assistance you need, talk to our advanced medical team to begin regular health treatments. Call Integrated Health Solutions now to begin. We can help you find a suitable treatment for your injury so you can feel your best every day. 

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