Managing Migraines: Prevention is Key

Managing Migraines: Prevention is Key

Managing Migraines: Prevention is Key

Managing Migraines: Prevention is Key

August 20, 2020

Migraine sufferers understand how debilitating an episode can be. Migraines are so much more than headaches: it’s a complex neurological condition that’s brought on by a countless number of triggers, situations, and environments. No two individuals experience the same symptoms, pain levels and causes, so treating these on a case-by-case basis is essential. Here at Integrated Health Solutions, our advanced medical team works with migraine patients to help them manage their migraines in a way that’s natural and safe. Here’s why you should turn to our treatments!

Chiropractic Works for Many

One of the biggest challenges facing physicians and migraine patients alike is that there’s no universally accepted method for preventing and treating migraine episodes. What’s more, patients may be worried about developing any more discomfort or side effects, leaving them reluctant to try other methods. Chiropractic, on the other hand, has been shown to be effective for patients of all ages. No matter what kind of migraines you experience, chiropractic is worth trying! There’s no need to worry about side effects since chiropractic is very safe and doesn’t cause any discomfort. 

Treats Migraines at Root Cause

Some individuals get migraines due to issues originating in the neck. Muscle tension is incredibly common, especially in individuals dealing with stress. Tension can lead to migraines because muscle tension compromises blood flow to the head. Likewise, poor posture is a trigger for some people, for similar reasons. Fortunately, misalignments in the neck are easily treated using a chiropractic adjustment! Over several weeks, your body’s natural alignment is restored, and you’ll eventually suffer fewer migraine days, allowing you to live your life fully. 

Dietary Changes

Certain foods are major triggers for many migraine patients. Dairy, MSG, sugar and alcohol are just a few of the many potential triggers. The first step is to identify your trigger foods. One of the best methods for determining what foods you need to avoid is by trying nutrition counseling. One exercise is to keep a food diary. Record the food that you eat, the time of day during which you eat them, as well as your migraine days. This way, with the help of our physicians, you can view patterns. We will then help you find safe alternatives to the food so that you continue to get your daily nutritional needs while avoiding triggers. 

Nutritional requirements

Low magnesium is sometimes to blame. What adds to the challenge is that magnesium is commonly found in nuts like almonds, which are a known migraine trigger in some individuals. Meeting your nutritional needs, while omitting certain foods from your diet is possible with the guidance of a knowledgeable physician. We’ll help you adapt and see what nutrients you’re lacking. 

Migraine Prevention at Integrated Health Solutions

Our team is dedicated to helping all of our patients. Let us do a thorough health screening to identify possible causes of your migraines so you can live your best life. It’s not always possible to prevent migraines, but limiting the number of episodes as well as taking care of your overall health will do wonders for your aches and pains. Visit us today to get started on your journey to better health.

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