Living Happily When You Have Chronic Pain

Living Happily When You Have Chronic Pain

Living Happily When You Have Chronic Pain

Living Happily When You Have Chronic Pain

November 05, 2019

For many people, chronic pain is a distressing experience, especially if that pain is debilitating. You may be saddened by your inability to do your favorite activities or feel frustrated that you must deal with such a difficult situation. Individuals facing chronic pain may wonder if they can be happy while coping with a painful condition.

Fortunately, happiness is within reach. You can still have a fulfilling, happy life even if you are in chronic pain. Take a look at our suggestions that will enrich your life and help you develop a more positive mindset. Talk with one of our pain doctors at Integrated Health Solutions for ways to manage and reduce your pain.  

Build a Support System

Chronic pain can make you feel alone, and as though no one truly understands what you are going through. Reaching out to family and friends can remind you that you have a shoulder to lean on and that you are loved and supported. It can make a huge difference in your morale and allow you to open up about your pain if you’ve been bottling it up. 

Tap Into Your Spirituality

Spirituality looks different for everyone: while those who follow a faith can immerse themselves in it, you do not need to be religious. Find joy in nature, in a hobby you love, or in your loved ones. Engaging in prayer or meditation will calm your mind and release tension. The spiritual feeling you experience helps you remain in the present moment and pulls you away from fretting over an unknown future. Over time, you will feel happier and view your situation from a different mindset. 

Do What You Can Do

Understand that it isn’t necessary to push yourself. The constant battle against chronic pain can easily exhaust your energy. Do the best that you can do, even if it means less than what you’d like. Set smaller goals that you can manage and take pride in everyday accomplishments. Give yourself rewards and appreciate yourself for simply doing what you can. 

Master Self-Compassion

Sometimes the best thing to do is to learn to appreciate yourself. Your body is hard at work trying to protect you and take care of you. Self-compassion is an excellent step towards finding peace within yourself. Pay attention to your self-talk: cut out the blame and replace it with understanding and encouragement. If you are having trouble developing these skills, a therapist can help you.  

Get Professional Help

When your chronic pain is ongoing, you may feel hopeless. However, feel assured that you do not need to fight chronic pain by yourself. With Integrated Health Solutions, you will find plenty of support and a solution to your pain. Our doctors combine compassion and expertise to provide you holistic pain treatments that help you feel better. Many individuals find relief through chiropractic care or physical therapy. Sometimes it’s a matter of trying treatments until you find one that works for you. We will gladly inform you about the available treatments and create an individualized plan to help you live better. 

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