Impacts of Chronic Pain on Your Overall Health

Impacts of Chronic Pain on Your Overall Health

Impacts of Chronic Pain on Your Overall Health

Impacts of Chronic Pain on Your Overall Health

September 07, 2021

All of us experience pain at some point in our lives. Injuries, chronic health conditions and illnesses cause discomfort and may impact your everyday routine. On a biological level, pain is beneficial since it signals that something is wrong and helps you protect yourself. However, prolonged pain can take a significant toll on your health. Below, we explore several ways chronic pain can impact your health, and how you can ease your discomfort through chiropractic care. If you’d like to learn more about treating your pain naturally, call Integrated Health Solutions for an appointment.   

Increased Risk for Mental Health Problems

Individuals with chronic pain are more likely to develop depression and anxiety. Often, your quality of life decreases due to limited physical ability, so it’s understandable to feel discouraged. Life may seem uncertain as you wonder if your pain will ever go away, but rest assured that there are scientifically backed treatments to ease both physical and mental symptoms at our pain control center.

Limited Physical Activity

In some cases, pain may increase upon movement, which keeps you from being physically active. Exercise has whole-body benefits, including better sleep quality, improved mood, weight management and so much more. Without regular physical activity, you may miss out on these benefits, leading to compromised health in the long run. Learning to manage your pain through chiropractic can allow you to do gentle exercises to promote better wellbeing.  

Condition-Specific Problems

If your chronic pain is caused by a health condition or disease, you likely experience additional symptoms on top of your pain. For instance, arthritis causes degeneration of the joints, leading to stiffness, swelling and limited movement. IBS and digestive pain can impact your appetite. These symptoms can pose challenges to your daily life, and come with their own complications, so prompt treatment is a must. 

Poor Sleep

There is a link between chronic pain and sleep disorders. An individual with significant chronic pain may have trouble falling or staying asleep due to the discomfort. You may have trouble finding a sleeping position that doesn’t aggravate your symptoms, particularly if your pain is worse lying down. As a result, you are likely fatigued during the day. Insomnia has profound changes in your brain’s neurochemistry, and may even make you more sensitive to pain, which makes solving your sleep issues very important. There are some studies that link chiropractic to better sleep, so be sure to speak with our team.  

Reduced Functionality and Quality of Life

Those with significant chronic pain report lower levels of satisfaction with their quality of life. Reduced functionality means you cannot physically or mentally do certain activities, such as household chores or a hobby you once loved. As you are unable to do various activities, you may feel frustrated or lost. A chiropractic adjustment increases mobility in the long term, which lets you achieve a better quality of life. 

Chiropractic Care Can Improve Your Lifestyle

While it’s understandable to feel unsure, know that chiropractic care and medical treatments can help. Relieving your chronic pain means you can improve your overall health. Chiropractic naturally delivers the relief you need, and studies show it boosts sleep quality, calms the mind and lowers inflammation. Take steps towards better health alongside our team at Integrated Health Solutions. We provide the guidance you need to find a pain management method that works for you. 

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