How to Relieve Joint Pain During Colder Months

How to Relieve Joint Pain During Colder Months

How to Relieve Joint Pain During Colder Months

How to Relieve Joint Pain During Colder Months

November 20, 2021

Do you face achy joints every winter? Have you noticed your knees, ankles and hips becoming stiff and sore once the snow starts to fall? It’s not a mere coincidence: many people develop or experience worsening joint pain when the cold weather rolls around. Winter weather often increases joint pain, making it hard to get active. If you regularly deal with sore joints in the winter, here are a few tips to relieve the ache. It’s also helpful to recognize the causes of winter joint pain, so talk to our chiropractors and advanced medical team at Integrated Health Solutions for more information. 

Why Does Joint Pain Increase During the Winter?

There are a few reasons why cold weather makes joints feel sore. In the winter, muscles can become more tense due to the cold, which decreases the joints’ mobility and flexibility. There are also some ties to dry air, barometric pressure and other features exclusive to winter weather. Although the exact science is unknown, it’s undeniable that many people feel stiff and achy during the winter. In order to relieve winter joint pain, consider these tips. 

Stay Active

Physical activity is an essential part of keeping the joints strong and healthy, especially in the winter. While you shouldn’t push yourself through significant pain without the help of a chiropractor, having achy joints doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to the couch all season. 

Even if you feel the need to stay indoors, do gentle exercises to reduce stiffness. Staying active through indoor swimming, stretching, walking and weight training boosts mobility and lowers pain in the long run. If you’re having trouble being active due to pain, a chiropractor can address the problem so you can exercise. 

Pay Attention to Your Weight

During the holidays, it’s customary to eat all kinds of delicious food, as many celebrations revolve around shared meals with loved ones. While it’s perfectly fine to indulge a bit, keep up with healthy habits so you don’t pack on the extra pounds. Weight gain can affect the joints and increase pain as a result of strain, particularly in the knees. If you’re having trouble sticking to a nutrition plan, we can help. Clients can discuss their dietary needs and build a nutrition and fitness strategy to stay fit all winter long. 

Take Care of Your Mind

Between limited sunlight and short, dark days, it’s easy to feel down during the colder months. The winter blues can affect anyone, and lead you to be more aware of physical pain. Stress itself has profound physical health impacts and can make pain worse as a result of heightened blood pressure and muscle stiffness. Take a warm bath and do activities you enjoy to relieve joint pain that worsens due to mood changes. Chiropractic and medical treatments can also help relieve stress, so be sure to contact us if you need help. 

Get a Therapeutic Massage

Cold weather affects fluid retention and blood circulation in the body, leading to stiffness and pain. Integrated Health Solutions provides a number of special massages designed to relieve joint pain and keep the flow moving. Massage is adept at boosting circulation to the joints and ensuring your body stays pain-free this winter.  

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Joint pain in the winter can be highly problematic, but with the help of a chiropractor and our advanced medical team at Integrated Health Solutions, you can feel your best. Call us now for a wellness consultation. 

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