How to Protect Your Neck and Back when Using Electronics

How to Protect Your Neck and Back when Using Electronics

How to Protect Your Neck and Back when Using Electronics

How to Protect Your Neck and Back when Using Electronics

March 28, 2023

Technology use has skyrocketed since its inception with situations like the global pandemic only serving to further increase its use. From 2019 to 2021 the number of people working from home tripled and is now 27.6 million people. The use of technology has become so ingrained in our everyday lives it would be almost impossible to be a part of society without the use of electronics. You need them to pay bills, order food, run a business, and much, much more. While technology serves in many ways to simplify our lives and make many tasks easier it also can cause some unwanted side effects. The increase in technology use can lead to physical issues and ailments like back, neck, and wrist pain. In fact, a name has been given to some of these issues- tech neck. So, what are you to do when technology and the use of electronics is a necessary part of your everyday life yet you find yourself suffering physical ailments from its use? Well, the professionals at Integrated Health Solutions are here to help! There are a variety of ways you can mitigate neck and back pain from use of electronics.

Be Aware

First and foremost, you want to be aware of your situation. This means paying attention to how you are sitting, how your equipment is placed, how long you have been working, and more. By paying attention to these details you can better eliminate some of the factors that lead to neck and back pain when using electronics. If you are not paying attention that pain is going to sneak up on you quickly when it could have been avoided.

Equipment Placement

A good strategy to help eliminate neck and back pain from electronic use is to look at your equipment placement. If you are straining up or down to look at screens that can cause neck and back pain. Make sure any screens you are using are at eye level. You can raise or lower either your monitors or chair to make sure your device is at the right level. 


Poor posture like slouching, can occur when using electronics, especially for a prolonged period of time. You’ll want to make sure you are sitting up straight and not bending forward and curving your spine. This is another reason paying attention is important. Slouching can be something we do without noticing so make sure you are checking in with yourself. 

Take Breaks

It’s important for your mind and body to take breaks when working for long periods of time. By taking a break from your screen time you can give your body time to relax and reset. This is also a great time to do some stretches to help loosen up your muscles and prevent any pain.

Integrated Health Solutions Provides Natural Pain Relief in Orland Park

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