Body Conscious or Health Conscious?

Body Conscious or Health Conscious?

Body Conscious or Health Conscious?

Body Conscious or Health Conscious?

July 19, 2018

We notice many people are really concerned with how they look, but forget to be worried about their actual health and well-being. At Integrated Health Solutions, we realize there is a big contrast between being body conscious and being health conscious. Below are some of the most crucial differences between the two:

  • Fatty Foods. People that are health conscious know how important it is to eat a sensible amount of healthy fats to have boosted hormones, nerves and cell membranes. While body conscious people tend to avoid those fats out of fright that it may make them gain weight on the scale.
  • Sugary Foods. Body conscious individuals tend to believe that sugary foods and beverages give them the energy they need for exercising. However, the best workouts lead to muscle enlargement and looking better. If you are health conscious, you would know that sugar only provides momentary energy and empty calories. For balanced energy without an agitating crash, it is advised to eat whole foods and complex carbs.
  • Sleeping Patterns. Body conscious type people seem to want to get just enough sleep so they don’t have bags under their eyes in the morning. Health conscious individuals know to get enough sleep because they realize the importance of rejuvenating their body.
  • Lifting Weights. Body conscious folks are obsessed with lifting weights because they think they will look muscular. People that are health conscious will lift weights in order to increase and maintain strength, physical integrity, and upkeep the health of their muscles.
  • About Cardio. Health conscious persons recognize that cardio can improve your endurance, build a strong heart, and help your complete cardiovascular system. While body conscious people have the certain mindset that they can eat whatever they want since they exercised that day.
  • Chiropractic Care for the Win. Body conscious people go to a chiropractor for relief from their pain just so they can still work out to look good. Health conscious individuals will see a chiropractor for pain relief, plus understand that it will keep the nervous system at its optimum and help their body function at its finest.

If any of these thoughts sound familiar to you, arrange for a consultation with our chiropractic office today. Whether you are health conscious or body conscious, visit Dr. Miriam McParland at Integrated Health Solutions today. We can help you get on the right track to a healthier and fulfilling life.

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