Five Chiropractic Benefits For the Elderly

Five Chiropractic Benefits For the Elderly

Five Chiropractic Benefits For the Elderly

Five Chiropractic Benefits For the Elderly

December 31, 2022

Chiropractic services can be a beneficial mode of care for a variety of demographics, from babies to geriatric patients. Some may be wary of chiropractic care for the elderly as treatments such as adjustments may seem too vigorous for seniors in more delicate stages of health. Still, chiropractic care is actually one of the most frequently used forms of alternate care among the geriatric population. Chiropractic care offers many benefits to everyone, but there are some ways it helps the elderly with their specific, age-related health issues. Professionals at Integrated Health Solutions are experienced in working with the older population, managing their pain and health concerns while increasing their quality of life. There are five benefits chiropractic care can offer the elderly. 

Chronic Pain

One of chiropractic care’s primary functions is to treat and manage chronic pain. As people age, they become more and more likely to suffer from chronic pain and other issues. Treatment from a trusted chiropractor or chiropractic center can effectively manage and eliminate many of the unavoidable chronic aches and pains as you age. 

Joint Inflammation

Joint inflammation is an issue that affects a lot of the geriatric demographic and contributes to common issues like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Treatment from a trained chiropractor can help reduce joint inflammation, easing pain you may have from a strain or chronic inflammation issues.

Fall Prevention

Falling is one of the most significant risks for older populations and can cause serious health complications and even death. Chiropractic care can work with elderly patients to restore their balance and align their posture with adjustments to help prevent this very common and serious health issue.


One of the best benefits of chiropractic care is its holistic, noninvasive nature. This benefits all patients but especially the elderly. Many elderly patients will already be on medications and are more susceptible to side effects. Chiropractic care eliminates any concerns of these negative side effects, as well as attempts to manage combining medications. Chiropractors can also provide successful treatments without the need for surgeries which can pose a higher risk to older patients.

Boost Overall Well Being

As people age, the body begins to wear down, and it seems a continuous influx of health concerns must be addressed. The aging process, while a privilege not all get, can be challenging to adjust to and have adverse effects on your mental health and overall well-being. Chiropractic care can help alleviate much of the pain that comes from standard and chronic health issues. As these issues are managed through the care of chiropractic professionals, there can be a significant increase in your mental health and wellness. Don’t waste another day in pain; contact Integrated Health Solutions today to see how we can help!

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