Disc Problems

Disc Problems

Disc Problems

“Discs” are small, flat pieces of rubbery cartilage that sit between the bones of your spinal column. There are 33 bones in your spinal column, shielding the delicate nerves in your spine from serious harm. Each of these bones is cushioned on both sides by a disc. When everything is working correctly, these discs will insulate your bones from one another, absorbing the pressure they exert whenever your back moves or shifts. However, discs are prone to issues, and many common problems arise when discs move out of place or otherwise stop doing their job. The result can be debilitating or long-term pain, as well as numbness, tingling and weakness. At Integrated Health Solutions, we provide hands-on relief for your disc problems, helping you minimize your current pain and fix whatever the underlying problem is.

How Do I Know I Have a Disc Problem?

There are a few ways to recognize that a disc is out-of-place or failing to complete its job. As mentioned above, a disc protects the vertebrae of your spinal column from pressuring one another or the bundles of nerves running through your spine. Whether you endured a sudden event or gradual shifting and degeneration of discs, the results of bulging or herniated discs can include:

  • Pain in the lower back, upper back or neck – most commonly, a disc that has slipped out of place will cause significant, unrelenting pain in the area of the slippage, but also radiating to the areas this part of the spine covers. Nerves branch all over the body and a slipped disc in your lower back could result in pain radiating as low as your feet.
  • Numbness/tingling – If a disc has slipped from place, it can cause your bones to pinch nerves running through your spine. This can sometimes cause widespread numbness or tingling across areas of the body.
  • Pain from movement/sudden changes – If coughing or sneezing causes you debilitating pain throughout your back and neck, this could be due to a herniated or bulging disc. Sudden movement may also cause this pain, as it results in shifts in your spine, placing more pressure on the problem area.

Common Disc Problems

There are several common disc conditions which may cause the above symptoms:

  1. Herniated/ruptured disc: a herniated or ruptured disc occurs when the outer layer of a disc cracks or wears down, allowing the soft inner disc to protrude. When this happens, your disc can come into contact with your spinal nerves, causing intense pain or other such symptoms listed above.
  2. Bulging disc: over time, the discs in your spine tend to wear down and compress. Bulging discs are natural in older age and can occur in younger patients as well, corresponding with factors like diet, exercise and body type. The compression from your spine tends to compress these discs, making them less effective at cushioning your bones and occasionally causing pressure on the nerves they are meant to protect.

Call Our Disc Care Professionals

If you believe you are suffering from one of the above conditions, give Integrated Health Solutions a call today and schedule an initial check-up. We employ a variety of different methods — both high-tech and holistic — to help your body heal. You can also reach out for more info on conditions and potential treatment methods.

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