Auto Accident Injuries

Auto Accident Injuries

Auto Accident Injuries

No matter what preparations you take, sometimes the unexpected occurs. A car accident can be a traumatic experience that results in emotional and physical scars. Many individuals experience some level of pain following an accident, particularly in the neck, shoulders and chest. Integrated Health Solutions has compassionate care for those dealing with auto accident injuries. Depend on us for quality chiropractic care and medical treatment that work. 

Common Injuries Following an Accident

There are a few things you should expect after a car accident. Be sure to visit a health professional as soon as possible, even if you feel or look fine from the outside. You may not realize you have an injury until it causes long term complications, so immediate care is key. In general, those who were in a car accident should pay attention for the following issues: 

  • Sprains. A sprain occurs when a ligament becomes stretched to the point that it tears. This may happen in a crash because the heavy force can cause these tendons to over stretch. While some strains may be minor and treated with at-home measures, it’s often best to see a pain specialist to confirm the injury isn’t severe. 
  • Whiplash. The sudden stop and go motion of the car can cause your neck to whip back and forth very quickly. This leads to muscle tears through the neck and shoulders, referred to as whiplash. You likely feel stiffness and have limited motion when attempting to turn your head. 
  • Body Pain. It’s also possible that you may have general pain that spreads across your body due to various cuts or bruises. 
  • Headaches. Head injuries should be treated promptly as they can cause serious complications when left ignored. Once you’ve been treated and had your head injury examined, you may experience residual headaches. These may also be triggered from tension through your shoulders and neck following the accident. 

It’s likely you’ll be feeling sore. Whether you have one symptom or a combination, our chiropractic team can help. 

What Are the Benefits of Chiropractic for Auto Accident Victims?

Anyone who was involved in a car crash should plan on ongoing treatment in the weeks that follow. An aggressive approach to pain management will help to ensure any long-term effects are minimal and manageable. Chiropractic care can relieve inflammation, which is one of the most common causes of injury. Inflammation happens when the immune system overreacts, leading to redness and swelling. 

A chiropractic adjustment can help the injury heal and ensure your joints are correctly in place. A spinal issue after a car accident can cause long term problems related to mobility and comfort, causing you to have trouble sleeping or sitting. Chiropractic can boost your mobility and increase the range of motion a joint has. It can also relieve headaches, release muscle tension, reduce stress and other problems caused by the car accident. 

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Auto accidents can be life changing. Fortunately, a chiropractor can help you move forward. We can treat your pain and lower your symptoms so you can live a full life. Integrated Health Solutions specializes in holistic pain relief that boosts your overall well-being. To learn more about the benefits for chiropractic care and medical treatment following an accident, call us today to schedule a consultation. 

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