Common Sports Injuries

Common Sports Injuries

Common Sports Injuries

Common Sports Injuries

April 17, 2022

Exercising is one of the best-known ways to manage weight, reduce your risk of chronic illness and improve your overall quality of life. Many people choose to play sports as means to get active. Whether you play sports competitively or casually, you need to learn how to prevent and manage injuries. Sports are an excellent source of physical activity, but they also increase your risk of falls and sprains. Here at Integrated Health Solutions, we regularly see patients who were hurt while playing sports. Discover the most common injuries and how our chiropractic services can ease the pain. 

Knee Injuries

Most sports injuries occur in the lower body, especially the knees. Falling on your knees can lead to patellofemoral syndrome, which is indicated by swelling, pain and trouble bending the leg. This injury can cause an imbalance in the muscles that keep the patella, or kneecap, in its proper track. Usually, mild forms of this injury can be treated using ice, rest and holistic treatments. 

Shoulder Injuries

If you love to play tennis, baseball or another sport that involves your arms, chances are you’ve felt soreness in your shoulders after a game. Shoulder injuries encompass a number of health complications, most commonly muscle strains and dislocations. These injuries can occur after an impact or due to overuse. Taking regular breaks can help prevent shoulder injuries, but accidents can occur. If you’re dealing with pain, don’t hesitate to contact our chiropractors. 

Sprains and Strains

Physical activity of any kind works your muscles to keep you strong. However, overworking your body can lead to strains and sprains when you least expect them. Hurting a muscle takes time to heal, so it’s advised that you avoid physical activity for a while and rest. Our chiropractors can help you heal, too. We use natural methods to relieve inflammation and stiffness caused by strained muscles. Before you know it, you’ll be back on the field. 

Head Injuries

Head injuries need immediate attention, even if the problem appears mild. Blows to the head can cause headaches and swelling, and in more severe instances, you may have a concussion. For mild injuries, our team can help reduce some of your discomfort. Chiropractic maneuvers can promote circulation and reduce tension through the neck. 

Tennis Elbow

If you’re an avid tennis player, you’ve likely experienced an aching elbow at some point. Tennis elbow results from overusing the forearm tendons, resulting in inflammation. Similar issues can affect golf players as well, since they may overwork their arms while playing. In some cases, you may need a brace. Other patients may benefit from gentle stretches. Be sure to speak to our team for guidance, since chiropractic care can relieve your symptoms.  

Call Today for Outstanding Sports Injury Treatment

Facing a sports injury can be discouraging, especially if it prevents you from doing things you love. Fortunately, chiropractic methods are often effective in reducing symptoms and accelerating healing. Integrated Health Solutions is committed to the highest standard of care. Call today to visit our chiropractors.

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