Tinley Park Sports Injury Treatment

Tinley Park Sports Injury Treatment

Tinley Park Sports Injury Treatment

It is almost inevitable that your muscles will become sore and you’ll feel aches and pains after playing sports. But sometimes those pain signals from your body are the sign of an injury, and knowing the difference can be important to your health. Whether you are a serious athlete or just playing for fun, an untreated sports injury can cause problems that spread to other areas of your life. When you or a loved one need sports injury treatment in Tinley Park, consult the experienced chiropractors and advanced medical team at Integrated Health Solutions in Orland Park.

Chiropractic Care for Sports Injuries

Most people associate chiropractic care with back pain, but the truth is chiropractors can treat pain across almost any area of the body. Chiropractors have a variety of techniques for targeting specific conditions or sources of pain, and that includes sports injuries.

By assessing factors like the location and severity of your pain, your overall health and physical wellbeing, and any medical conditions that may be relevant, a chiropractor can offer a customized course of treatment for your sports injury. This may include techniques such as applying gentle pressure or resistance, stretching, therapeutic massage, or heat therapy in the affected area. These are designed to promote healthy blood flow and movement within the body and help restore the proper function of bones and joints, keeping athletes flexible and strong.

Help Prevent Injuries Before They Occur

Treating injuries is important and necessary, but it’s always better to prevent injuries before they happen if possible. One benefit of chiropractic care is that you can experience positive results even if you don’t currently have pain. Keeping the different systems in your body, like muscles and nerves, all working together in harmony can enhance your athletic performance and help guard against some injuries. Many patients make our chiropractic adjustments part of their training regimen when preparing for a big sporting event or the next sports season.

Repetitive Motion Leads to Many Injuries

While we often think of injuries as something that happens suddenly, some of the most common sports-related injuries come from repeating the same action over and over. When playing sports that deal greatly with your hands and arms, for example, you may tend to put more pressure on one arm than the other, or maybe overuse one shoulder, and when these motions are repeated for a long time, the stress on your joints and muscles builds up to cause strains and other forms of pain. This is also why some injuries with sports-related names are common in non-athletes – like carpenters and painters getting “tennis elbow” from swinging a hammer or using a paint roller all day.

Whether your repetitive motion injury was caused by sports, your job, or something else, a chiropractor can treat not only your symptoms but also the underlying cause of your injury. Chiropractic services can identify the source of your pain and help your body move more freely. 

Get Back in the Game with Sports Injury Treatment

Some people avoid seeking treatment for an injury because they think their pain isn’t serious, or that the pain will eventually go away. But by the time they realize the situation is more serious, they have often done extra damage to their bodies or forced themselves to live with pain unnecessarily. Even if your injury turns out to be minor, a chiropractor may be able to reduce your symptoms and help you return to normal more quickly.

Integrated Health Solutions has helped athletes of all ages to improve their performance and experience a greater quality of life through our holistic approach to wellness. We offer a wide variety of services and treatments that allow us to create a customized care plan for your unique needs. 

If you are suffering from pain after playing a sport or any other activity, contact the experienced doctors and specialists at Integrated Health Solutions today and get back in the game.

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