Tinley Park Back Pain Doctor

Tinley Park Back Pain Doctor

Tinley Park Back Pain Doctor

When your back hurts, there are a number of possible causes. It’s possible that you strained yourself lifting a heavy object, or that you simply slept wrong. For many of us, long hours spent in front of the computer can play havoc on our spines. For some pain, there is no real explanation, and the phantom aches will move on after some time. However, when your back pain becomes so unbearable that it bars you from completing some of your daily activities, or lingers for days and weeks, it’s time to reach out to the Tinley Park back pain doctor at Integrated Health Solutions. Integrated has a facility fully equipped to handle all sorts of back pain, and a full roster of medical staff devoted to customizing your perfect path to health and happiness in the future.

What’s Causing Your Pain?

Dealing with back pain is rough, and there are a couple of causes that we assist many patients with regularly. After all, your back contains a ton of the muscles that help the rest of your body function — as well as your spinal column Such a vital part of your body is sure to have its problems. Here are a few of them:

  • Disc problems – though they help cushion your vertebrae bones and your spinal cord, the small cartilage discs that sit between each of your vertebrae cause issues of their own. When one of these disks bulges or breaks, it can result in anything from minor tingling to debilitating pain throughout your back.
  • Arthritis – inflammation of the joints in your spinal bones — as in any other bones of your body — can result in long-term aches and pains. And while many people see arthritis as an inevitability when you get older, there are many effective treatment options.
  • Sciatica – your sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body, stretching from the base of your spine down to the back of your leg. When this nerve is pinched or otherwise harmed, the resulting pain can be intense and unyielding.
  • Muscle soreness/strain – main muscles in your body can become strained or sore. Your back is no exception, especially since you use these muscles every day. When overuse or overextension results in soreness, there are a variety of different therapeutic methods which can provide relief.

Whether you’re suffering from a common ailment or something else entirely, getting in touch with our Tinley Park back pain doctor can help reduce your back pain.

Methods for Reducing Pain

At Integrated Health Solutions, we employ healing methods from all over. From the high-tech cold-laser therapy to old-school treatments which have been around for millennia, we seek to use all available resources — ancient, modern or otherwise — to make our patients happier, healthier and as pain-free as possible. Our most common treatments for back pain are:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Decompression Therapy
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Chiropractic Treatments/Adjustment

Though these methods come from a range of different eras and regions when you come into Integrated Health Solutions, you’ll find one thing in common between them all: they are administered by a Tinley Park back pain doctor devoted to your health and wellness.

Get In Touch Today!

Reach out to the Tinley Park back pain doctor at Integrated Health Solutions by calling our Illinois office today. From there, you’ll be able to set up your first diagnostic appointment, and can see for yourself how our treatments can help!

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