Sports Injury Treatment in Orland Park

Sports Injury Treatment in Orland Park

Sports Injury Treatment in Orland Park

Sports are an essential part of life for many kids. From the first time standing on home plate during an elementary Teeball game to soccer games in college, physical competition — whether as part of a team, a duo, or by yourself — can be a fulfilling and crucial experience as you grow up. Even as adults, many of us spend time at the racquetball court, sponsor (and run) community run/walk events and lift weights to stay in shape. Science has proven the many merits of exercise, both mentally and physically, and many of us crave the adrenaline of a good workout. However, anyone who has ever spent years participating in a sport has seen the injuries that result from putting your body under such extreme stress. Sports force us to take our activity to the next level, often testing unknown limits. Many injuries emerge over time, resulting from the repeated strain on a specific part of the body. Others occur due to a particular trauma on the field. Whichever injury you or your child has suffered from, Integrated Health Solutions offers sports injury treatment in Orland Park and the surrounding areas, helping our patients get back on the field in no time!

What Injuries Come From Sports?

Naturally, the types of injuries you may encounter depend heavily on the sport that you are playing. Here are a couple of the injuries thousands of kids and adults face every year, and a few of the sports which may cause them.

  • Muscle strains – many different injuries fall under this umbrella term, and muscle strains can result from almost any sport. Whether you pulled your bicep swinging a baseball bat, or you’ve strained your hamstring while running, sports injuries often result in muscle strains.
  • Stress fractures – these are particularly common in sports which involve running and occur when your bones absorb too much impact from the ground.
  • Torn tendons/ligaments/cartilage: high-impact sports — such as basketball, football, and soccer, often put sudden and extreme stress on particular tendons, ligaments and integral pieces of cartilage. Examples of these injuries include torn menisci and torn ACLs.
  • Broken bones – Though this can occur in any sport, these injuries are much more common in high-impact and high-intensity sports like football, weightlifting, martial arts, and cheerleading.
  • Concussions/head injuries – Like broken bones, these usually occur due to an accident, and correspond directly with the intensity and physicality of a sport. Football, in particular, is known for its prevalence of head injuries, which often manifest as dizziness and headaches.

If you believe you’re suffering from one of the above injuries — or have been dealing with other pain you think is connected with your activity — our sports injury treatment in Orland Park might be able to help. We have many effective chiropractic treatments which can help ease the pain of sports injuries while helping you heal.

Our Treatments

At Integrated Health Solutions, we offer all of the following treatment options for treating sports injuries:

All of these treatments can help the body heal on its own. After all, chiropractic medicine is focused one exactly that: maximizing your body’s ability to heal on its own, without the use of invasive surgery or addictive pain medication.

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