Sports Injury Treatment Frankfort

Sports Injury Treatment Frankfort

Sports Injury Treatment Frankfort

Sports are a very common physical activity for many youth, with 54% of kids 6-17 participating in organized sports. Many continue playing a sport into their adult years. While sports are beneficial for physical exercise, many studies have shown they also provide emotional and mental benefits like learning teamwork, hard work, healthy competition, respect, and goal setting. These are important traits for a successful life and especially important for youth to learn. With the many benefits of sports recreationally, in school, and up into adulthood it is no surprise they are so popular, but what happens when you or a loved one suddenly finds themselves dealing with the inevitable sports injury? If not treated properly, a sports injury can turn into a chronic issue and hinder future play or rule it out all together. It is important if you are dealing with a sports injury that you seek out a professional, experienced doctor for sports injury treatment in Frankfort. With a skilled professional’s help you can limit pain, prevent long term concerns and get back to playing the sport you love!

How Can Chiropractic Care Help?

Chiropractic care works to keep your entire body working together as an in sync system. If you are dealing with an injury from sports this will throw your system out of whack. A chiropractor can treat your sports injury and get you back to healthy playing condition. Chiropractors are well versed in sports injuries and can help treat muscle and joint pain, knee injuries, back and neck injuries and sports specific injuries like tennis elbow and torn rotator cuffs. Chiropractors will offer treatments like alignments and other innovative options like cold laser therapy. Which treatment you get will depend on your injury and medical history all of which your doctor will go over with you. To learn all the ways your chiropractor can offer sports injury treatments in Frankfort, call today!

Sports Injury Prevention

While treatment of sports injuries is important, so is preventative care. After all, isn’t it better to prevent an injury from happening in the first place? Health professionals at Integrated Health Solutions are not only experts in sports injury treatment in Frankfort but also in sports injury prevention! Our trained staff can work with you to keep your body in optimum working condition to help avoid many common sports injuries. Things like spinal alignments and chiropractic massages can improve your body’s overall wellness. When your body is properly aligned, you are less likely to suffer from sports injuries and are able to compete at your top performance level. To find out how our team can help improve your game, and treat your sports injury in Frankfort, call us today!

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