Palos Park Neck Pain Doctor

Palos Park Neck Pain Doctor

Palos Park Neck Pain Doctor

How many times do you move your neck every day? Think about this question for a second: every time you turn your head to look out the window, flip your hair out of your eyes or bend down to get a closer look at something, you are moving your neck in a significant way. This is not to mention the fact that whenever you walk somewhere, you are continually looking about yourself, a process that requires hundreds of small neck movements. When you have neck pain, every small, natural neck movement can send a wave of agony through your body, blending your constant, tiny movements into a wave of pain which can be downright debilitating. Further, many of the conditions which cause this unbearable pain won’t go away on their own. Luckily, Integrated Health Solutions has the Palos Park neck pain doctor who can help relieve your pain and get you on the road to recovery! Give us a call today to learn more.

What Causes Neck Pain

While some neck pain comes and goes — often following specific instances of overexertion — these are not the sorts of neck pain that you should be overly concerned with. While chiropractic services can certainly assist with severe overextension — as in the case of whiplash — many less-severe strains will go away on their own within a reasonable timeframe. However, other conditions will not improve without the help of a Palos Park neck pain doctor. Some of these include:

  • Disc problems: these occur when your spinal “discs” become compressed or broken, eventually coming into contact with your spinal nerves and causing pain to radiate through your neck and back.
  • Muscle strain: though often fleeting, severe muscle strain can cause debilitating pain that can last days or weeks on end. Getting hands-on chiropractic care will reduce this downtime and get you moving again quickly. 
  • Posture/Chronic overextension: you may not think of “overextension” when you are sitting for hours at work. However, sitting in a poor posture results in repeated muscle overextension and a strain to your neck, which can worsen day-by-day for years on end.
  • Spondylosis/Osteoarthritis: with age, many parts of the human body begin to weaken and break down — a process referred to as spondylosis or osteoarthritis. In the neck, this can result in painful conditions such as bone spurs and degenerating spinal discs.

If you are suffering from any of the above conditions — or have severe neck pain and want to know what is going on — the team at Integrated Health Solutions may be able to help! Their many treatments have helped patients relieve their pain while taking care of any lurking conditions which caused the pain in the first place.

Speak with a Palos Park Neck Pain Doctor Today!

To learn more about the main chiropractic treatments available through Integrated Health Solutions, check out our website. On there, you’ll be able to find a considerable amount of information on various conditions, as well as the treatment options we make available to our patients. If you would like even more information or are interested in setting an appointment, you can leave your name and contact information on our online form. From there, we’ll be in touch shortly, and you can speak directly with our Palos Park neck pain doctor!



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