Orland Park Headache Treatment

Orland Park Headache Treatment

Orland Park Headache Treatment

Headaches affect the vast majority of people and range from a minor nuisance to completely debilitating. It’s important to differentiate between types of headaches, their severity, and their causes in order to create a tailored treatment plan. Patients in the Orland Park area can rest assured that the professionals at Integrated Health Solutions are well-equipped to help them through diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of their headache pain.

Types of Headaches and Causes

There is an overwhelming amount of headaches, from tension headaches to cluster headaches and more severe migraines. One of the first things professionals at Integrated Health Solutions will do is help determine exactly what type of headache you are experiencing and its underlying cause. Tension headaches are one of the most common types that affect adults. They often feel like intense pressure or tightening on both sides of your head, face, or neck. Cluster headaches are typically identified by a strong burning and piercing pain, usually behind one eye. Communicate your symptoms to your provider to help identify the type of headache you have and determine the best course of treatment. Many different things can cause headaches, including changes in your hormones, diet, lifestyle, blood sugar issues, and stress, and unfortunately, they sometimes happen for no reason at all. These underlying causes will help inform the treatment plan that is made for you.   


Headaches are very common and oftentimes caused by simple things like diet and stress. One of the best ways to prevent headaches is through lifestyle changes. First, pay attention to what is going on when you get a headache. Are you more stressed than usual? Have you had more or less caffeine or sugar? Are you at a particular point in your monthly cycle? Have you had enough water? These are all starter questions that can help you identify the cause of your headaches and, in turn, how to prevent them. Often, things like drinking more water, moderating caffeine and sugar intake, and getting regular daily exercise are enough to help prevent most of your headaches. Integrated Health Solutions professionals are here to help you discover which prevention methods will best suit you.

How We Help

Integrated Health Solutions believes in treating the underlying causes of pain and illnesses in order to provide lasting pain relief. Rather than medicate or jump to surgery, our providers use a variety of approaches to treat the heart of the issue. Some treatment plans may include chiropractic massages, diet and exercise changes, adjustments, and more. Depending on the cause of your headaches, you may need short-term or long-term care. No matter the case, Integrated Health Solutions professionals are here to bring you the most innovative treatments with special attention to your comfort and well-being. Reach out today to book your consultation for headache treatment in Orland Park.

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