Orland Park Back Pain Treatment

Orland Park Back Pain Treatment

Orland Park Back Pain Treatment

A sore back can make every day challenging. When the pain starts, you’ll do anything to relieve it so you can get back on track. Back pain is often caused by chronic health conditions and injuries, both of which can be managed with a chiropractor’s assistance. At Integrated Health Solutions, we provide a wide range of services to help clients achieve better health. Learn more about our Orland Park back pain treatment by speaking to one of our experts on our advanced medical team today. 

What Causes Back Pain, and What Are the Symptoms?

Back pain is a common, and treatable condition that often manifests in the lower back. This condition can be muscular or skeletal in nature depending on the cause. Many forms of back pain occur due to an injury or health condition of the spine, such as a herniated disc. Some joint conditions, such as arthritis, can induce the pain. In some cases, however, back pain has no known cause, which can prove frustrating for the patient. Fortunately, back pain of any kind can be treated using chiropractic care, allowing you to achieve better wellbeing. 

At Integrated Health Solutions, we provide a number of ways to reduce your pain in a manner that’s holistic and safe. Over the past few decades, more and more people wish to have holistic pain relief as an alternative to many conventional treatments. Due to the high success rate and overall efficacy, chiropractic has been recognized as one of the best treatments for back pain. Enjoy less pain with improved general health thanks to this versatile treatment. It’s safe and effective for all ages, and you’ll enjoy so many health benefits, so you won’t want to overlook this treatment.

How Chiropractic Can Help

What makes chiropractic so effective? First, it addresses all of your full health, not just the pain. There are many lifestyle factors impacting your pain. A sedentary lifestyle may be worsened by inactivity due to pain and stiffness. In a way, it’s a self-fulfilling issue that will only worsen over time without intervention. Our caring staff can do a full physical assessment of your health to see what’s causing your pain. 

Many people find relief through chiropractic. It’s a fast procedure done only once a week, and over the course of a few months to reach maximum results. As a natural alternative, chiropractic delivers the results you need without invasive procedures such as surgery. Since back pain can affect nearby nerves, you may experience additional symptoms that disrupt your life. Lower back pain sometimes correlates with sciatic nerve pain, as the nerves in that region become compressed by herniated discs. As a result, the affected individual may have numbness, tingling and searing pain that extends through the buttocks and down the leg. Fortunately, chiropractic can bring the relief you need to live each day to its fullest.

Speak to A Back pain Doctor today

Integrated Health Solutions endeavors to help patients with their specific situations. We recognize the impact chronic pain has on your life, so we provide a number of treatments depending on your specific needs. If you have questions or are ready to begin Orland Park back pain treatment, contact our office today. 

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