New Lenox Back Pain Doctor

New Lenox Back Pain Doctor

New Lenox Back Pain Doctor

New Lenox Back Pain Doctor

Millions of people live with back pain throughout the United States. Back pain can be debilitating – whether it is temporary due to an acute injury or chronic and persistent pain. One thing is for sure – that back pain can disrupt your life, and you might have no idea how long it will take for your back to heal. Sometimes, even though you do all the right things – including rest, avoiding certain activities, and exercises – the pain may continue. 

If your back pain is prolonged or highly intense, it can be a good idea to learn how alternative treatments can help. At Integrated Health Solutions, we provide chiropractic care and medical treatments to patients with back pain, and our goal is to stop or limit disruptions in your regular life due to a back problem. We provide non-surgical and noninvasive options that can help you get back to your normal routine. Contact us today to speak with a New Lenox back pain doctor about a possible treatment plan. 

Identifying the Issue

The first step for us is to determine what is causing your back pain. The back can be affected by many different ailments that can result in serious pain. Some common issues that our team can treat include:

We are equipped to identify what is causing your pain and to determine which methods we can use to holistically treat the problem. Our approach has resulted in many patients healing and finding relief from chronic pain, allowing them to return to an active and enjoyable lifestyle.

Treatment Options for Our Patients

Depending on your specific back issue, there might be different treatment options that can help you heal. In contrast to surgery, we provide noninvasive solutions that do not result in hospitalization or lengthy recovery time. Some natural methods we might use to address back pain include:

  • Chiropractic care and realignment
  • Decompression therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Cold laser therapy

Each treatment provides different types of benefits for your back pain and underlying issues. For example, massage therapy can relieve soreness and help your body relax, which can ease pain. Decompression therapy aims to straighten your spine, which can address disc issues. Chiropractic adjustments target misaligned areas to increase your range of motion and relieve pain. 

Contact a New Lenox Back Pain Doctor about Your Options Today!

At Integrated Health Solutions, we have been helping patients using alternative healing therapies for years. Our advanced medical team has the knowledge and resources at our facility to help relieve your back pain so you can move forward with a more active and enjoyable life. Whether you have nerve issues, a herniated disc, or other issues, we can tailor a treatment plan to get your body back on the right track. Contact us to discuss our process and treatment options. We’re ready to help you live a pain-free life.

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