Neck Pain Treatment Orland Park

Neck Pain Treatment Orland Park

Neck Pain Treatment Orland Park

Neck pain is a common health condition that has numerous potential causes. Whether you’re dealing with an injury, a chronic health issue or another problem, Integrated Health Solutions is here to help. We deliver exceptional treatments to solve the pain at its roots. If you’ve been searching for effective neck pain treatment, Orland Park chiropractors are here to assist you. 

What Causes Neck Pain, and What Are the Symptoms?

Every day, we do various activities that may contribute to neck pain and associated symptoms. For instance, an individual who works long hours at a desk with poor posture is more likely to develop neck pain and worsen any preexisting discomfort. Finding the root cause of your pain isn’t always easy, since there are many potential factors that can exacerbate your symptoms. Whether you are physically inactive or perform intense work all day, a chiropractor can ease the pain. 

A few reasons you may have a sore neck include: 

  • Whiplash. Whiplash is a common neck injury, usually resulting from auto accidents. When the head moves rapidly back and forth upon an impact, the fragile neck tissues can become damaged. Whiplash commonly causes long-lasting symptoms, even years after the accident, so don’t wait to get the treatment you need. 
  • Sports Injuries. Sports are a great way to exercise and stay healthy. Whether you have a child in school athletics or you love to play games as a hobby, working with a chiropractor is highly beneficial to your health. It’s true that exercise has numerous health benefits, yet at the same time, athletes and other active individuals are often at a higher risk of injuries. If you developed a sore neck after your regular sports game, let us know and we’ll assist you. 
  • Anxiety. Even though anxiety is a mental health condition, it can manifest as various physical symptoms, including neck pain. People with high levels of stress and anxiety frequently tense their muscles without even realizing it, and as a result, they end up with significant pain.

There are many other reasons someone may have soreness in their neck, and in some cases, it’s a sign of an underlying health condition. Arthritis is a common problem affecting the joints throughout the body, including in the neck. When the soft cushions between the spinal bones become worn down with age, the bone-on-bone contact can cause severe pain. Fortunately, chiropractic has been shown to have plenty of benefits for arthritis and similar conditions, providing you the relief you are looking for. 

For the Best Neck Pain Treatment, Orland Park Patients Can Call Our Team

If you’re searching for an effective remedy for neck pain, try chiropractic care. Integrated Health Solutions delivers outstanding care for our patients, and we understand that every person who comes to us has a unique set of challenges and health history. Customizable pain relief has a high success rate because it factors in everything unique about your wellness and lifestyle, rather than attempting to solve it using a one-size-fits-all approach. We are dedicated to furthering your wellness and helping you achieve your goals, so choose us for neck pain treatment Orland Park patients can rely on. 

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