Neck Pain Doctor Palos Park

Neck Pain Doctor Palos Park

Neck Pain Doctor Palos Park

Every day, we make countless forward head movements with our necks without thinking about it. As one of the most delicate parts of the body, a neck injury can be both painful and frustrating. Proper treatment is the key to healing. Integrated Health Solutions is dedicated to our patients. We believe that holistic treatments are among the best ways to reduce pain throughout your body, including in the neck. With the help of our Palos Park neck pain doctor and advanced medical team, you can find relief that works. 

What Causes Neck Pain?

Considering the neck’s delicate structure, it’s no wonder this part of the body can become strained so easily. Whether it was due to a poor sleeping position or a sudden head movement, pain can come on quickly and be stubborn to treat. Our chiropractors begin by determining the core cause of your pain, as this helps us determine a suitable treatment. Generally, neck pain is caused by chronic and temporary factors, such as: 

  • Surgical pain
  • Neck posture
  • Whiplash
  • Overextension
  • Herniated disc

In some cases, neck pain may be caused by arthritis or can manifest without any apparent cause. No matter what kind of pain you’re experiencing, we’ll help you find relief through our chiropractic services. 

How Chiropractic Can Help

Chiropractic remains one of the best ways to eliminate neck pain. It’s a natural treatment that promotes the body’s innate healing capabilities. Each adjustment helps your body heal and reduce tension that may be exasperating the pain. Chiropractic has full body benefits that lower your stress and improve your overall quality of life: 

  • Better sleep
  • Fewer headaches
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Pain relief without side effects

In some cases, neck pain resolves on its own. However, it’s highly recommended that you speak to a health professional if the pain is long-lasting or intense. There’s little risk involved in chiropractic and so much to gain, so be sure to speak with our advanced medical team if you’re interested in learning more.   

Tips to Avoid Neck Pain

Integrated Health Solutions supports your journey to a healthier life. There are many lifestyle changes that eliminate pain from your life, or if you have chronic pain, make your condition easier to manage. 

  • Improve Your Posture. Many people underestimate the impact that poor posture has on their health. Sitting up straight helps distribute pressure evenly, so check your posture if you are sitting or standing for long periods. 
  • Stay Fit. Maintaining a healthy weight, alongside regular physical activity, can reduce and even prevent certain types of pain. Neck pain in particular is notoriously associated with inactivity and hours spent hunched over a computer. Get active instead.
  • Sleep Support. Be sure to support your head and neck during sleep to prevent stiffness and strains. 

Talk to a Palos Park Neck Pain Doctor

Neck pain is among the most common health conditions, and Integrated Health Solutions offers individualized treatments for your specific needs. Talk to our Palos Park neck pain doctor about your symptoms to begin working towards better health.  

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