Neck Pain Doctor Near Palos Heights

Neck Pain Doctor Near Palos Heights

Neck Pain Doctor Near Palos Heights

Neck pain is no joke—when your neck muscles get stiff, you can’t bend your head like usual, limiting your range of movement. If the pain becomes severe to the point that it interferes with your daily life, you need to visit a health care professional and get the pain checked out. Visiting Integrated Health Solutions is a great first step towards feeling better! Our chiropractors perform specialized moves to safely relieve your pain. Visit a neck pain doctor near Palos Heights by giving us a call!

What Causes Neck Pain?

Anything that strains your neck, like repetitive movements, can cause neck pain. Keep track of when you experience your pain. For instance, if you notice it first thing in the morning, your sleeping position may be to blame. Likewise, neck pain caused by poor posture will manifest after sitting for long periods. Be sure to sit up straight and relax your shoulders if you spend large amounts of time at a desk. 

In some cases, neck pain has no clear cause. The pain might be a lingering sign of some injury you sustained, such as whiplash or a herniated disc. Luckily, the doctors at Integrated Health Solutions treat neck pain of all causes. We use a combination of holistic pain treatments to reduce tension in your neck. We can combine chiropractic care with physical therapy and more to quickly reduce your pain’s intensity. 

Neck Pain Doctor Offers Chiropractic Services

Sometimes, neck pain can be attributed to a problem in your spine. Since the neck is an extension of the spine, pain in that region can be treated with chiropractic. A chiropractor will perform several maneuvers to realign your spinal cord, which reduces the pressure on your neck. Here’s how chiropractic care benefits those with neck pain:

  • Reduce immediate pain. Typically, chiropractic care reduces pain relatively quickly. Many patients feel better after the first few sessions. You can expect to notice a larger reduction in pain as you continue your appointments. 
  • Improve flexibility. Chiropractic care helps to restore your neck’s flexibility. Increased flexibility means you will be more active and will have less muscular tension, which will help to prevent future neck pain.
  • Increase in motion. Our necks are designed to be flexible and sustain the many movements they’re subjected to each day. Chiropractic helps relieve stiffness so your neck moves more comfortably. 
  • Reduce inflammation. Sometimes, inflammation is to blame. Arthritis is a common cause of inflammation in the neck. As we age, the protective tissue inside our joints wears down. Chiropractic works to lower inflammation and keep joints healthy. 

These are only a few of the many ways a chiropractic alignment can improve your neck’s function. We encourage you to discuss the benefits with one of our pain doctors! 

Visit Integrated Health Solutions

Neck pain is a common condition that’s effectively treated using a combination of chiropractic techniques. Visit Integrated Health Solutions today to learn more about your options with a neck pain doctor near Palos Heights. Call our office today!

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