Neck Pain Doctor Near Frankfort

Neck Pain Doctor Near Frankfort

Neck Pain Doctor Near Frankfort

The neck is a delicate and complex part of the body. It contains all kinds of ligaments, bones and muscles that are responsible for letting us bend and turn our heads. Since these can become injured very easily, you need to get your neck pain assessed as soon as possible to find the best treatment. Integrated Health Solutions recognizes how significantly neck pain can impact your life. When you face daily stiffness and soreness, you may feel at a loss. We provide natural solutions to eliminate your symptoms, restore mobility and help you live a healthier life. Call us to speak with a neck pain doctor near Frankfort. 

Causes and Symptoms of Neck Pain

Neck pain is among the most common health conditions, and it’s also one of the most elusive. Some cases are triggered by an injury such as whiplash, while others seem to spontaneously occur. In general, neck pain that isn’t idiopathic in nature is caused by: 

  • Poor posture while sitting or sleeping
  • Regularly completing desk work for hours on end without proper ergonomic measures in place
  • Accidentally jerking your head while exercising
  • Arthritis and degeneration of spinal discs
  • Nerve conditions due to inflammation or other health conditions

With so many potential causes, it can be hard to discern the cause of yours. Our health specialists use a range of procedures to see where your pain is located and discern the best method to treat it. 

How A Chiropractor Can Help

Some kinds of neck pain are relieved using hot and cold compress, rest and other at-home measures. However, many individuals experience ongoing pain that doesn’t go away no matter what they try. People of all ages can turn to chiropractic for relief. A chiropractic adjustment targets the spinal cord and releases tension. Over time, regular adjustments also lower inflammation levels, a well-known source of pain and discomfort. Essentially, chiropractic solves your neck pain at its core, without any side effects or risk involved. 

Chiropractic has so many benefits for your overall health, too. Many people report lower levels of stress, which is another possible contributor to neck pain. Stress causes you to subconsciously tense your muscles, leading to tightness. Anxiety and stress can also make you more prone to pain, cause digestive issues, headaches and much more. Chiropractic is effective at alleviating all of these symptoms and boosting your health for the long term. We take each patient on an individual basis and assess your unique needs. Find the key to long term pain relief and better well being right at our office. 

Call to Schedule an Appointment With a Neck Pain Doctor Near Frankfort

Neck pain can be distressing to deal with, but fortunately, it is readily treated alongside a knowledgeable chiropractor and advanced medical team. Integrated Health Solutions is committed to helping our patients find the best solutions to their pain and discomfort. Neck pain is one of the most common reasons patients come to see us, and we are well versed in what works. Discuss your specific situation with our neck pain doctor near Frankfort today!

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