Neck Pain Doctor in Tinley Park

Neck Pain Doctor in Tinley Park

Neck Pain Doctor in Tinley Park

Integrated Health Solutions providers in Tinley Park are ready and available to provide relief to your neck pain. 

Neck Pain

We are constantly using our neck muscles every day, from bending our neck forwards to read, tilting our head back to look at something above us, or checking both ways on the road. All these small activities add up to lots of wear and tear on the neck that can translate to minor pain or more serious long-term issues. Along with daily movement, things like sports activities, car accidents, spinal injuries, and inflammatory issues are also common causes of pain. Even your current job can contribute to pain by sitting at a desk for extended hours. It makes sense with its constant daily use that neck pain has become a frequent complaint, with 1 in 3 people a year experiencing pain. Neck pain can be a minor strain that goes away in time or a debilitating, chronic pain that lasts for an extended period and requires specialized care. Whether you suffer from a chronic condition or have an acute issue because of an accident, Integrated Health Solutions has well-equipped neck pain doctors in Tinley Park ready to help manage your pain and get you on the road to a healthy life. 


Most people, including Integrated Health Solutions, advocate for prevention. As with anything, it’s easier and better for you to try to prevent an injury from happening rather than treat it. Some helpful prevention tactics include:

  • Exercise

Exercise is always a top prevention tactic and one of the best ways to prevent neck injury. Keeping your body overall healthy and fit will help prevent a lot of the more common incidents that lead to neck injuries like strain and stress.

  • Posture

A good posture will help keep unnecessary weight off your neck muscles, preventing strain and injury. 

  • Sleep position

You (hopefully) spend 7+ hours a night asleep in your bed. Proper sleep positioning is very important to keep from straining your neck while asleep.

  • Adjust your work setup

Most people nowadays spend their 8-hour workday behind a computer. Positioning your monitor at eye level will help keep you from straining your neck while you work. There are many different ergonomic setups out there you can purchase for your workstation.


Treatment for neck pain depends on the type of pain and its underlying cause. Oftentimes simple daily stretches, hydration, and light exercise can help alleviate pain. For more complex issues, a different treatment plan may be necessary. Whatever the case may be, Integrated Health Solutions’ neck pain doctors in Tinley Park are here to help!

Long-Term Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a great option for neck pain. It avoids the use of medicines and the need for expensive surgeries. Professionals at Integrated Health Solutions are skilled in assessing your pain and finding the best treatment for you. Treatment may include massages, adjustments, or decompression therapy. You don’t need to spend another day in pain; reach out to Integrated Health Solutions today to make an appointment to rid yourself of neck pain.

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