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Neck Pain Doctor in Palos Heights

Neck Pain Doctor in Palos Heights

Neck pain is one of the most common workplace ailments in the United States and one of the most common conditions treated at Integrated Health Solutions. We have become a trusted neck pain doctor in Palos Heights and the surrounding areas because of this. If you seek treatment for your neck pain but don’t want to go through surgery or take medication, we have options for you. Contact us today to learn how we can help your acute or chronic pain.

Preventing Neck Pain

While there is no way to halt the day-to-day strain we put on our necks – after all, it is carrying around our ten-pound head – there are a few things we can do to lessen our chances of developing severe, chronic neck pain.

  • Frequent work breaks: Taking regular breaks during long hours working at your desk can assist with developing neck pain. Be sure to stand, stretch your shoulders, neck, and arms, and take a short walk to break up your workday.
  • Fix your posture: We’re all guilty of slouching while sitting, walking, and standing, but our posture has a large impact on chronic pain. Practicing sitting or standing with your shoulders directly above your shoulders can help prevent pain in your neck.
  • Don’t tuck your phone: If you spend a good portion of your time on the phone and find yourself tucking it between your ear and shoulder, stop! Using a wireless headset, headphones, or a speakerphone are healthy alternatives that will save your neck.
  • Adjust your workspace: To beat neck pain at work, make sure your computer’s monitor is sitting at eye level. This can help prevent strain from looking slightly down or up at the screen. If possible, adjust your chair so that you are sitting even with your desk, and always use your armrests.
  • Distribute weight evenly: You should never carry heavy, single-strap bags as they cause serious strain on your shoulder and, subsequently, your neck. Remove unnecessary items to lighten your bag or switch to a bag you can carry on both shoulders to distribute weight evenly.

When to Seek a Neck Pain Doctor in Palos Heights

While there is never a bad time to visit a neck pain doctor in Palos Heights, there are certain signs to look for when experiencing pain that indicates it’s time to call. Call Integrated Health Solutions if your neck pain:

  • Begins to spread to other parts of your body, including arms and legs
  • Is persistent and lasts longer than three days without relief
  • Is preventing you from going about your day-to-day routine

If your neck pain results from an injury from a diving or car accident, contact a neck doctor in Palos Heights immediately, especially if pain begins to worsen over time. This may be an indication you have sustained a serious injury. 

While many think that surgery or other invasive or drug-related treatment are the only options to treat your neck pain, the chiropractic team at Integrated Health Solutions can provide you various treatment plans that are all-natural and effective. From massage therapy to readjustments, we have an option that will make you feel comfortable and relieve your neck pain.

Contact a Neck Pain Doctor in Palos Heights Today

Stop living with chronic neck pain with help from an experienced neck pain doctor in Palos Heights. The neck pain specialists at Integrated Health Solutions can offer you an all-natural, holistic treatment plan for your pain to get you back to feeling your best. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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