Neck Doctor Near Me

Neck Doctor Near Me

Neck Doctor Near Me

If neck pain is making your daily routine difficult, visit Integrated Health Solutions to learn how to manage your pain. Our advanced medical team is committed to providing chiropractic services that solve your worst symptoms. We recognize how many patients want fast, effective pain relief, and with our advanced medical team, it’s possible to restore your health and reclaim your lifestyle. If you’re searching for a dependable “neck doctor near me,” call us for a consultation. 

What Causes Neck Pain?

A sore neck can truly make life difficult. Not only can the pain be merely annoying, but you may find yourself having a hard time accomplishing your everyday tasks. A sore neck can be accompanied by stiffness and limited movement, making it difficult to move your head. As a result, you may feel at a loss as to how to restore mobility. 

Chiropractic is among the best treatments for neck pain. With the help of a knowledgeable neck pain doctor, you can manage your symptoms and get back to living an active lifestyle. We recognize the impact a stiff, sore neck can have, so we work to provide efficient solutions that get you feeling like normal in no time. 

Chiropractic has a range of full body benefits including reduced anxiety, which is one of the many potential causes of neck pain: 

  • Whiplash. After a car accident, you may experience soreness through your neck and shoulders. This is likely due to whiplash, the result of your head rapidly moving back and forth at impact. Whiplash can cause lasting pain that interferes with daily life, so if you’re struggling to manage the discomfort, visit a chiropractor for safe pain relief. 
  • Poor Posture. SItting up straight is impartial to maintaining a healthy body. Poro posture contributes to a number of painful conditions, including a hunched back and a weaker abdominal core. Fixing your posture and stretching your shoulders every once in a while, especially if you do desk work, is key to ensuring the pain stays away. 
  • Herniated Disc. Sometimes, the soft tissues that cushion your spinal bones can slip out and press on surrounding nerves. This condition, known as a herniated or slipped disc, can cause significant pain. 

There are many other possible causes, including surgical pain, spondylosis and overextension. Pain can be muscular in nature or due to a problem with the upper spine. No matter what the nature of your pain is, our chiropractor can find an effective solution that provides long-lasting pain relief. 

What to Expect During a Chiropractic Adjustment

It’s often said that prevention is the best treatment. Our chiropractors can help you learn to avoid neck pain by identifying aggravating factors in your lifestyle. Staying physically active, practicing good posture and avoiding sleeping in uncomfortable positions all contribute to a pain-free life. Of course, if you already have symptoms, we can help through an integrative approach. We’ll discuss your health history and get started on the adjustments at following appointments, which involves gentle maneuvers to restore mobility to your joints. 

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If you’re ready to get started with a “neck pain doctor near me,” call Integrated Health Solutions right away. 

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