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Mokena Back Pain Doctor

Mokena Back Pain Doctor

Integrative Health Solutions provides Chicagoland with the most effective pain treatments. We understand that not all chronic pain cases are the same: each one needs to be handled individually to address your unique concerns. Back pain is no different. With so many causes and levels of intensity, you need individualized care. At your initial appointment with us, a Mokena back pain doctor will give you an examination and decide on the best treatment plan. You do not need to suffer from your back pain any longer. If you would like to schedule a visit, just give us a call. 

What Can Be Done For Back Pain?

Back pain is a very common condition as we sit more and exercise less. Electronic devices captivate us while our jobs require sitting for long periods of time. All of this pressure on your spine can stress out your skeletomuscular system to the point that pain resonates throughout your back. Luckily, back pain is a treatable condition that can be managed with persistent pain treatments. 

Treatment plans look different from person to person. You may want to try chiropractic care, which realigns your spinal cord, or physical therapy, where you will strengthen your muscles and add support to your back. Others may find relief from trigger point therapy and more. It all depends on the severity of your pain, the location and how long you have had it. 

How a Mokena Back Pain Doctor Can Help You

First, we will determine what is causing your back pain. You may believe that it came out of nowhere. However, we are sure that our chronic pain management doctors will be able to find the source. There are many conditions that cause back pain including:

  • Sciatica: Your sciatic nerve travels from your lower back down to your feet. When this nerve becomes inflamed, it causes intense pain that may debilitate you. Sciatica may be caused by an injury or result from spinal degeneration. 
  • Herniated Discs: Between each bone in your spine is a soft tissue that allows the parts that make up your spinal cord to move without scraping against each other. This tissue can get pushed out from between the bones and cause pain.  
  • Muscle Strains: Overexertion or misuse of your back muscles can tear the fibers in your muscles. The pain can be mild to intense and may take a while to heal on its own. This condition is common in athletes or workers who constantly lift heavy objects.

Each of these conditions can be treated in different ways: not everyone with a pulled back muscle should treat it in the same way. You might discover a single treatment that brings relief or find that a combination of methods works best. 

Speak With a Mokena Back Pain Doctor Today

Return to your beloved activities and other obligations by treating your chronic pain at Integrated Health Solutions. A Mokena back pain doctor will assist you as you undergo physical therapy or receive chiropractic care. Schedule an appointment today by contacting us.

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