Mokena Headache Doctor

Mokena Headache Doctor

Mokena Headache Doctor

Headaches are one of the most common health conditions affecting millions of people every year. Pain ranges from mild to severe, and you may have a hard time completing your daily tasks. It’s not always easy to figure out what’s causing your headaches, so if you’ve tried many remedies to no avail, visit a Mokena headache doctor for a full exam. At Integrated Health Solutions, we utilize scientifically-backed treatments to help our patients thrive. Don’t let headaches ruin your plans: discover how you can naturally reduce your symptoms at our office.

What Causes Headaches?

The moment you feel that familiar ache return, you may wonder why you’re experiencing so much discomfort. Preventing headaches is often the best choice, rather than trying to deal with the pain as it arises. However, a headache’s triggers are not always obvious, so you may need to keep a journal or calendar to track your symptoms and find a pattern. While some headaches seem to come out of nowhere, many share a common causes: 

  • Stress. Among the most notorious of headache triggers is stress. During periods of persistent stress, the body undergoes a number of processes that may impact your well-being. From tense muscles to an increase in blood pressure, stress has profound physical health effects and can lead to headaches or even migraines. 
  • Injuries. Certain injuries sustained while at work or just in general can lead to head pain. Concussions are a special type of head injury that requires immediate medical attention, and they can lead to lasting headaches. 
  • Diet. The food we eat impacts our overall health. Processed foods high in sugar and salt can increase your risk of headaches, or even trigger migraines in certain individuals. Other ingredients, such as monosodiumglutimate (MSG) are also known to cause headaches. 
  • Inactivity. Exercise plays an important role in maintaining overall good health, and the benefits are well known. Individuals who are physically active tend to have lower blood pressure, a better mood and less pain. Headaches can be a result of increased blood pressure, stress or stiff muscles in the neck, all of which can be relieved through regular exercise. 

There are many more potential causes, so visit a health specialist who can solve the issue at its core. 

Treating Headaches WIth Chiropractic

Many individuals with headaches may reach for the ibuprofen every time they feel the pain coming on. However, know that there are plenty of safe, natural treatments available at our office. Integrated Health Solutions utilizes natural pain relief to help our clients prevent headaches. Chiropractic has a host of benefits, including stress relief and less inflammation, and many individuals find relief through chiropractic adjustments. 

Solving headaches often begins with revamping your lifestyle, and a chiropractor can help you do exactly that. From cold laser therapy to nutrition advice, we provide what you need to remove headache triggers from your life and find a path to better wellbeing.

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