New Lenox Sports Injuries

New Lenox Sports Injuries

New Lenox Sports Injuries

If you are feeling sore after a recent sports game, visit Integrated Health Solutions near New Lenox. Sports injuries are something you should never ignore. What appears to be a minor injury can develop into a long-lasting, painful condition if neglected. Call us right away to get in touch with one of our physicians. We’ll assess the damage and start a treatment plan that will help you feel better quickly. 

Symptoms of a Sports Injury

Sometimes, it’s not always obvious that you’ve been injured after playing a sport. Injuries can develop slowly as a result of repetitive use or harm. In other cases, the pain comes on quickly from a sharp blow to your knee, elbow or wrist. It’s always a good idea to get checked by a doctor if you even suspect that you are injured. 

Keep an eye out for the following signs that may indicate an injury:

  • Swelling
  • Weakness
  • Tenderness
  • Limited movement

After you’ve had the injury checked out, it’s time to start treatment. Take extra care when treating sports injuries, since you want to be able to return to your sport. Fight the temptation to return to physical activity as soon as possible since these injuries need time to heal. Remember that the actions you take now determine whether you’ll be facing chronic pain in the future. 

Treatments for New Lenox Sports Injuries

While having a sports injury may be very concerning, know that Integrated Health Solutions offers several safe treatments. We specialize in holistic pain relief so you can get back on the field without any issues. Sports injuries can be effectively treated by:

  • Chiropractic Care. Chiropractic care relies on spinal manipulation to reduce pain in various parts of the body. Its effectiveness is validated by the tens of millions of people who choose chiropractic care each year. What’s especially helpful for athletes is how chiropractic treatment helps relieve pain from muscles and joints, which often undergo stress during sporting events. 
  • Massage Therapy. Many patients find relief with massage therapy. Massage therapy looks different based on the patient’s needs, so you have several kinds to choose from. Patients with sports injuries may benefit from a sports massage, which is specially curated to treat common ailments faced by athletes. We’ll target the joints you use the most to help prevent injury in those locations.
  • Trigger Point Therapy. This technique reduces tension in your muscles and joints by utilizing the body’s trigger points. It’s particularly effective in treating stiffness, reflective pain and muscle knots. 

Our doctors provide the same outstanding service no matter what your treatment plan looks like. If you have any questions about what we can do to treat your sports injury, simply give us a call. 

Talk to a Pain Relief Doctor Today

Get expert care at Integrated Health Solutions. We offer safe treatments for New Lenox sports injuries so you can get your life back on track. Call us now to schedule a visit with one of our doctors. We’ll discuss the causes and symptoms of your injury and determine which of our treatments is right for you. We look forward to being your trusted care provider.

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