New Lenox Neck Pain Doctor

New Lenox Neck Pain Doctor

New Lenox Neck Pain Doctor

Neck pain is one of the most frustrating and irritating conditions you can face, particularly when it becomes chronic or debilitating. After all, we use our neck almost every waking minute, whether we realize it or not. From nodding at a friend to looking at your keyboard as you type during work, you make hundreds of little neck movements every day, most of which you aren’t even aware of. However, when your neck hurts, all of that changes. Every small move may send waves of agony down your neck and back, or you may experience a constant, dull pain that keeps you up late into the night. Whatever type of neck pain you’re facing, the inconvenience of restricted movement can drive anyone crazy! The excellent service of a New Lenox neck pain doctor can help you find relief from the worst symptoms, all while helping you expand your mobility and treat the medical conditions which may be contributing to your symptoms. Contact Integrated Health Solutions to learn more about their neck pain treatment options.

What is Wrong With Your Neck?

Your neck is meant to be a flexible, pain-free instrument. When working correctly, your neck will include nearly 360-degree mobility, letting you see both behind and in front of you. However, your neck also has the crucial role of supporting your head — a heavy ball of bone and brain — and protecting your spinal column all the way up to your brain stem. This is a tremendous amount of work for a comparatively small part of your body, especially when constant movement is involved. As a result, a few problems with your neck are relatively common. Here are a few of the more frequent issues our New Lenox neck pain doctors treat:

  • Strain – Several specific conditions fall under the ‘strain’ category, but all of them tend to result from rapid overexertion — as in the case of whiplash –, repeated overextension or poor posture.
  • Bulging/herniated discs – These form from the breakdown of tough cartilage “discs” that cushion your neck vertebrae. When they crack or bulge, they can make contact with the nerves of your spine and result in pain, tingling or numbness.
  • Spondylosis – Also called osteoarthritis, this is the gradual degeneration of bones in your spine, resulting in back and neck pain.

There are a plethora of different symptoms you might feel if you are suffering from one of these conditions, including dull, throbbing pain; acute, debilitating pain; numbness; and tingling. A New Lenox neck pain doctor can help remedy your pain and get you on the path to long-term recovery.

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If you have been working with the frustrations and agonies of neck pain, get in touch with Integrated Health Solutions today! We are your destination for hands-on chiropractic treatments, helping you restore functionality to your neck, while soothing your worst symptoms. Our New Lenox neck pain doctor and massage therapist can help restore your neck to its rightful role in no time! To reach Integrated Health Solutions, give us a call at our Illinois office or leave us your information on our online contact form! We’ll help get you scheduled for your first diagnostic whenever works best for you.

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