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New Lenox Chiropractor

Pain can come in innumerable forms, from nagging neck pain to shooting sciatic pain that runs down your leg whenever you try to walk. Some pains come on quickly and intensely before leaving a few hours later. Others persist for days or weeks on end, leaving you in constant agony. Some pains will never bother you again, and others will be a constant reminder that something is wrong. Discovering what causes these pains is generally the first step in formulating an effective treatment plan. At our New Lenox chiropractic office, we have the perfect health professionals for uncovering the causes of your pain, then crafting a comprehensive treatment plan which will leave you pain-free and ready to take on tomorrow! Give us a call today to see how Integrated Health Solutions can help!

Different Pains

As previously mentioned, there are plenty of different pains which you may experience throughout your lifetime. While some of these are just part of life and will go away on their own given enough time, others can benefit from hands-on holistic help — namely, chiropractic treatments. Here are a few of the most common pains which the New Lenox Chiropractor at Integrated Health Solutions can assist you with!

  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Back Pain 
  • Neck Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Headaches
  • Disc Problems
  • Work/Sports Injuries

Pain also depends heavily upon your age. As you grow and age, certain conditions might become more common, especially when compounded with years of poor posture or inactivity. Unlike traditional medical fields, chiropractic treatment focuses on the long-term — combining low-intensity and hands-on treatments with solid life habits to help your body heal any current conditions while preventing future ones. That said, chiropractors also have a tremendous number of different treatments at their disposal.

Many Different Treatments for Many Different Pains

With such a wide variety of different pains which may come your way, it is crucial that we stay prepared with the perfect solution for each. Because of that, our chiropractic facilities are stocked with all the necessary tests for discovering your pain’s root cause. Once we’ve determined this, we’ll move onto active, hands-on treatments which will help heal your body and manage your pain. Here are a couple of our treatment options!

  • Massage
  • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Functional Medicine
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Nutrition and Fitness Coaching
  • Medical Weight Loss

Crafting the right combination of these treatments is a science unto itself: as with their pain, patients have a tremendous variation in comfort levels and needs. This range is why we get to know every patient who walks through our door, filing their information and using it to help guide our treatments. Further, this broad range of treatments lets us find one which will be effective, comfortable and convenient for the patient, whoever they may be. To learn more about these treatments, and how they can help with your condition, reach out to our New Lenox chiropractor today!

How to Reach Us

To make an appointment, discuss our treatment options, or to learn a bit more about Integrated Health Solutions, give us a call today! You can also check out our online resources, which will tell you a bit more about the listed conditions and the treatment options we use to help you heal. Reach out today!


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