Homer Glen Back Pain Doctor

Homer Glen Back Pain Doctor

Homer Glen Back Pain Doctor

Back pain sometimes starts off discreetly. You might feel a slight twinge in your lower back, or feel stiffness when you try to stand up. Or, it can happen instantly as a result of an accident or injury. No matter how or why your pain started, a Homer Glen back pain doctor at Integrated Health Solutions will be able to identify the cause and treat it accordingly.  The doctors at our pain control center have decades of experience successfully treating chronic pain. Schedule a visit with us now!

Back Pain Relief Without Side Effects

If you’ve been holding off treatment for your back pain, it might be because of the common treatments general practitioners use. Traditional pain relief involves heavy painkillers, surgeries and other invasive treatments that may cause inconvenient side effects. Studies have suggested that taking medication every day can impact the rest of your body, so you might feel wary of resorting to extreme measures before trying safer options first.

At Integrated Health Solutions, our doctors use holistic methods to treat your pain, meaning you’ll avoid the harmful complications. Our treatments do only what they’re supposed to do, which is to reduce your pain. Come to our office for a few short appointments and feel your back pain disappear!

Homer Glen Back Pain Doctor Offers Thermography and More

The pain control doctors at Integrated Health Solutions offer a wide array of pain relief. Take a look at the holistic treatments you can try:

  • Thermography: Thermography is a noninvasive procedure used to capture images of inflammation and pain in the body. We can monitor painful areas and get an idea of what’s causing the pain. 

There are many more treatments to discover at Integrated Health Solutions! From physical therapy to medical weight loss, we will help you choose a treatment plan that suits you. Our doctors look forward to getting to know you and helping you along your journey towards a pain-free life. 

Visit a Homer Glen Back Pain Doctor 

Pain relief is within reach at Integrated Health Solutions. With so many noninvasive treatments available, you can easily manage your chronic pain without surgeries and medication. Schedule an appointment with a Homer Glen back pain doctor to begin your path towards a pain-free life. Call us now!

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