Disc Problems Palos Heights

Disc Problems Palos Heights

Disc Problems Palos Heights

When your back hurts, there are many potential explanations. It is possible your muscles have become strained — perhaps through lifting a heavy object, maintaining a poor posture or suffering from a sudden overextension, such as a car accident. However, the most likely cause of your back pain is generally related to your spinal column — and the bundle of nerves it protects. Of the plethora of problems that stem from your spine, a few of the most common include arthritis, nerve issues (such as stenosis and sciatica) and disc problems. The last of these is well-known in the field of chiropractic medicine, and have been the target of many effective treatments available at Integrated Health Solutions. If you have been suffering from back pain, and have the hunch that a disc problem is the culprit, search “disc problems Palos Heights” and find Integrated Health Solutions today. You’ve got the issues, we’ve got the solutions — after all, it’s in our name!

What Are Disc Problems?

Disc problems — more specifically, herniated or bulging discs — occur due to the compression or cracking of your spinal discs. Your spine’s function is to protect the delicate bundle of nerves which spiral out all across your body, resulting in you “feeling” the environment around you. To accomplish this without sacrificing your movement or flexibility, your spine is made up of a series of interlocking bones (vertebrae) which your spinal cord runs through. To stop these bones form exerting pressure on the nerves they protect, small “discs” of cartilage are located between each vertebrae, providing space and cushioning your nerves.

Disc problems form when something goes wrong with your spinal discs. The two most common problems occur when your disc either loses its consistency and compresses, often resulting in vertebral pressure on your nerves, or when they crack. When a disc cracks, the inside of the disc may protrude, pinching your nerves and causing severe pain! When this occurs, the best option is to seek professional medical assistance by searching “disc problems Palos Heights”.

How Can I Prevent/Treat Disc Problems

Damage to your discs usually occurs because of the partial deterioration of your discs, followed by some sort of trauma or overexertion. While you cannot totally account for the wear and tear your body will naturally undergo throughout your lifetime, it is crucial to minimize this factor wherever possible. To begin, make sure you maintain a good posture, especially when sedentary for long periods. Stretching and maintaining a healthy weight will also put less strain on your discs.

However, if a painful disc problem does form, there are plenty of treatment options to minimize your pain and help heal the problem. At Integrated Health Solutions, we offer a range of different techniques of fixing your disc problems, and making sure they never happen again:

To learn about our comprehensive treatment options, search “disc problems Palos Heights”, then reach out to Integrated Health Solutions today!

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