Chiropractors Near Me

Chiropractors Near Me

Chiropractors Near Me

If you regularly deal with aches and pain, your first solution is likely to reach for pain medication. But did you know that it’s possible to manage pain without relying on invasive treatments? Chiropractic is an effective treatment option for people living with chronic pain, work injuries, scoliosis and other health conditions. Regular chiropractic adjustments offer effective symptom management and improved mobility. Learn more about why you should choose holistic pain relief with our “chiropractors near me.”

Chiropractors Near Me Dedicated to Each Patient’s Goals

Here at Integrated Health Solutions, we are committed to you as an individual. We approach wellness with your specific needs in mind, and that understanding that every person is different is integral to what we do. From your first appointment, we build a custom pain management plan that encompasses every aspect of your physical health. From there, we work alongside you to resolve pain, stiffness and mobility issues that are affecting your day-to-day life. Most patients see results within a few weeks, and some are successfully able to eliminate their pain for good. 

Our chiropractors combine compassion with expertise as we deliver your ideal treatment:

  • Decompression Therapy. Decompression has grown in popularity thanks to its notable benefits for back pain. Patients are secured to a special table that our physicians move using advanced technology, aligning your body in specific angles to target specific parts of the spine. If you have sciatica, a herniated disc, pinched nerve or another condition, decompression can ease the strain. 
  • Functional Medicine. In this approach to pain management, we consider the body to be a complex, integrated system rather than separate sections. Some techniques include choosing healthful foods, assessing past illnesses and their current impact and developing an exercise regimen. 
  • Trigger Point Therapy. Trigger points, sometimes called muscle knots, cause stiffness and pain. We have a special therapy that’s designed to treat trigger points and eliminate their associated symptoms. 
  • Lidocaine Injections. If you are planning on receiving a certain treatment for your pain, you may benefit from receiving lidocaine injections beforehand. These injections are an anesthetic used to trigger numbness before a medical procedure to increase comfort. We provide these injections to treat pain and discomfort caused by various medical procedures. 

Conditions We Treat

Our chiropractors assist patients facing a wide range of health conditions. Whether you sustained an injury in an auto accident, or if you have regular pain for no clear reason, our team is ready to help you. We deliver exceptional service and quality care at all times. Depend on us for the unparalleled chiropractic care that you deserve. 

Chiropractic can treat:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Injuries
  • Spinal issues
  • Headaches and migraines
  • And more.

Visit Our Chiropractors Now to Begin

Starting any health journey can be a challenge, but when you have a professional team at your side, you can accomplish your goals. Integrated Health Solutions delivers individualized care plans to help you with your specific goals. Contact our office today to talk to our “chiropractors near me.”

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In order to live a productive and fulfilling life, we need healthy bodies. It is important to be healthy not only for yourself but for your loved ones. Many people don’t realize that having a strong nervous system is a huge factor for our health. Schedule a free consultation at Integrated Health Solutions to see how chiropractic care & medical treatments can benefit your daily well-being.

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