Back Pain Treatment Near Me

Back Pain Treatment Near Me

Back Pain Treatment Near Me

If you’re thinking of visiting a chiropractor for back pain, you aren’t alone. About 85% of adults develop back pain that’s intense enough to warrant professional assistance. Despite how common back pain is, however, many times the cause of the condition remains unclear. What’s more, there’s not always a single treatment that works best for everyone. Integrated Health Solutions provides the “back pain treatment near me” you’re searching for. Chiropractic is a customizable treatment that puts your individual needs at the forefront. Talk to our team to learn more. 

Finding the Root Cause of Your Pain

Integrated Health Solutions takes a unique approach to pain management. Rather than simply masking your symptoms, our chiropractors endeavor to solve them at their roots. Many forms of back pain are attributed to certain health conditions, both chronic and short-term:

  • Lifestyle Factors. One relatively easy-to-solve cause of back pain is poor posture. Whether you sit all day at a desk or spend too much time on electronics, maintaining posture is key to mitigating strain. A chiropractor can help you identify whether you have poor posture and eliminate the pain using special techniques so you can live an active lifestyle. 
  • Disc Problems. Between each spinal bone is a soft tissue known as a disc. When the tissues become pushed to the outside of the joint, they can press against nearby nerves causing a condition known as a herniated disc. Back pain of this nature tends to be debilitating, as nerve pain can create significant problems with mobility, sleep and everyday life. 
  • Injury. Unfortunately, there are many ways to injure our backs. From sports injuries to improper lifting, back muscles are prone to tears and strains. These may occur in your upper or lower back. 
  • Arthritis. Aging adults should be aware of arthritis, a common inflammatory disease affecting the joints. As tissues between the joints degenerate, the contact between bones can cause significant discomfort. 

There are many other potential causes, so be sure to speak to a health specialist. Our chiropractors can help no matter what’s causing your symptoms. 

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

While back pain can be hard to manage, it’s much easier with a chiropractor. Integrated Health Solutions offers a number of effective treatments to get you on your feet again. We offer a combination of innovative services designed to ease your symptoms and help you accomplish better overall wellbeing. Our goal isn’t to simply stop your symptoms and send you on your way: we aim to address all health concerns you have. Whether your needs are dietary, temporary or long term, we’ll be here to help. 

A few benefits of chiropractic include: 

  • Long term healing since chiropractic promotes the body’s innate healing abilities
  • Reduced inflammation and swelling
  • Improved mobility to support an active lifestyle
  • Individualized care that addresses your unique concerns

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Back pain is not always easy to manage. Fortunately, Integrated Health Solutions has the answers you’re looking for. Visit us for “back pain treatment near me.”

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