Back Pain Doctor near Orland Park

Back Pain Doctor near Orland Park

Back Pain Doctor near Orland Park

Each year, over 16 million adults in the United States report suffering from chronic back pain each year. If you fall into this group and are looking for a back pain doctor near Orland Park, contact Integrated Health Solutions. Our advanced medical team of experienced chiropractors, a medical doctor and nurse practitioner offer a variety of high-quality, scientifically proven treatment options that will help you find relief. Reach out today to schedule your appointment.

Common Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is one of the leading non-life-threatening ailments in the United States, and understandably so. Your back, specifically your spine, is responsible for providing strength and flexibility to your entire upper body. With such an enormous responsibility, it’s no wonder that the spine is one of the most-treated parts of the body that a chiropractor treats. Some of the most common issues we see in back pain patients include: 

  • Pulled muscles due to heavy lifting or awkward sleeping positions
  • Inflammation due to an injury or other medical issue
  • Osteoporosis-induced decrease in bone mass
  • Herniated or bulging discs

If you’re experiencing any of these issues or are having back pain after strenuous activities, please contact Integrated Health Solutions to get in touch with a back pain doctor near Orland Park.

Spinal Adjustments for Your Back Pain

When you visit a back pain doctor near Orland Park, you will likely hear spinal adjustments mentioned as a form of treatment for your pain. Due to its effectiveness, adjustment treatment continues to grow in popularity among adults looking for pain relief. So, what is a spinal adjustment, and how does a back pain doctor near Orland Park perform one? Adjustments help realign your spine, which relieves stress and tension on the central nervous system. This is accomplished by applying pressure to specific areas of your spinal cord. Typically, adjustments are accompanied by loud cracks, but they are nothing to worried about. These cracks are normal and are caused by pockets of air in joint tissue “popping” when realigned. The process is not painful, and many patients report feeling relief almost immediately.

One of the first questions we are asked is, “are you sure this is a safe treatment for me?” Our answer? Yes! As long as you visit an experienced, licensed professional, chiropractic spinal adjustments are 100% safe. At Integrated Health Solutions, every team member who works with our clients is certified to perform our treatment services. When you visit a back pain doctor near Orland Park at our clinic, you know you are in safe, capable hands. 

When to See a Back Pain Doctor near Orland Park

Now that you know what back pain is and how a chiropractor and advanced medical team can help you, you are probably wondering when the best time to see a back pain doctor near Orland Park is. While there’s never a bad time to see a chiropractor for back pain, specific signs may indicate that immediate treatment is needed. Experiencing constant, intense pain, pain that radiates down both of your legs, or numbness and weakness in your legs for more than two weeks is a good indication that it’s time to see a back pain doctor near Orland Park. 

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Ready to book a chiropractic appointment with a back pain doctor near Orland Park? Contact the chiropractic specialists at Integrated Health Solutions! We have many treatment plans, including spinal adjustments, that can help you get your back’s health back on track. 

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