Back Pain Doctor Near Me

Back Pain Doctor Near Me

Back Pain Doctor Near Me

If you’re searching for a “back pain doctor near me,” you’ve likely reached a point where you can no longer live with your chronic pain. Integrated Health Solutions has a team of experienced medical and chiropractic professionals in Orland Park who can help you relieve your pain and live a happy, healthy life. Contact us today to book a consultation and get your back and spine on the right track.

When is the Best Time to See a Back Pain Doctor Near Me?

While you may go weeks, months, or even years with your pain before you finally seek treatment from a back pain doctor near you, this prolonged exposure to your pain may make it difficult to determine just when it’s time to see a specialist. While you should never have to live in pain, you should definitely seek treatment from a back pain doctor near you if your pain:

  • Persists without ease
  • Reoccurs periodically
  • Does not improve even with rest and at-home treatments
  • Spreads to additional parts of the body, including legs, knees, and chest

If you are experiencing pain following a fall or accident, seek help from a back pain doctor near you immediately. This can indicate that you have broken a bone or there is additional internal damage that should be examined as soon as possible following the accident.

How Can a Chiropractic and Integrative Medicine Back Pain Doctor Near Me Help?

An integrative medicine practitioner and chiropractic back pain doctor near you can immensely help your pain. Through an in-depth evaluation during your initial consultation, your health care team at Integrated Health Solutions will determine the source of your back pain and present you with the best treatment options. We have an advanced medical team of highly experienced and licensed chiropractors that can perform several services for our clients. Those who are suffering from back pain have the option to undergo treatments such as:

  • Cold Laser Therapy: Your chiropractor/integrative practitioner will administer a low-intensity light laser that penetrates deep into the tissue to heal from the inside out. This low-level of light activates the reactive properties in the cells and helps to jump-start healing.
  • Decompression Therapy: Through lengthening the spine, your chiropractor allows discs in your spine to reabsorb and begin healing. To do this, you are secured to a decompression table, and software is programmed to determine the areas of the spine that require attention. Decompression is done through heat, electronic muscle stimulation, or therapeutic laser application.
  • Massage Therapy: Our licensed massage therapist can perform various massage therapy forms, depending on your condition. Therapies include Myofascial release to restore motion and eliminate pain in the Myofascial tissue, reflexology to release tension by applying pressure to reflex points, and Swedish massage to relieve stress, aches, and pains.
  • Integrative medicine to help speed up the healing process and regenerate damaged tissues.

How Can I Contact a Back Pain Doctor Near Me?

 If you are experiencing unbearable back pain and need relief, contact Integrated Health Solutions in Orland Park. Our advanced medical team is here to offer you drug-free, surgery-free treatment options for your back pain. Book a back pain consultation by calling or through our online form.

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