Back Pain Doctor In Orland Park

Back Pain Doctor In Orland Park

Back Pain Doctor In Orland Park

Along with other things like neck pain and headaches, back pain is an extremely common ailment with about 23% of the world’s adult population struggling with back pain. It is one of the leading causes of calling out of work, emergency room visits, and disability. Back pain ranges in extremity and duration and can often cause disruption to your everyday life. Your back has a lot of nerves, muscles, small bones, and cartilage and issues with any of these can be causing your pain. Daily lifestyles, accidents, age, and diseases also can play a role in back pain. Often your pain may be able to be resolved with a little bit of rest and healthy lifestyle adjustments. If not, it may be time to seek out a back pain doctor in Orland Park. Back pain specialists can help determine what is causing your back pain and how best to treat it. You don’t need to live with constant pain, there are treatments available that have been proven to effectively treat back pain. 

Back Pain Symptoms and Causes

Back pain can be experienced in a variety of different ways. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Muscle aches
  • Shooting pain
  • Aching pain
  • Burning or stabbing sensation
  • Stiffness
  • Movement restriction
  • Pain radiating down a leg

If you have been consistently experiencing any of the preceding symptoms, it may be a good time to set up a consultation with a back pain doctor in Orland Park. Your doctor can discuss with you some of the common causes of back pain which include:

  • Muscle strains
  • Bulging discs, or other disc issues
  • Osteoporosis
  • Certain diseases

If you are experiencing other symptoms like bladder issues, fever, or the pain began after some type of accident, it’s important you see a doctor right away as these can be signs of more serious issues.

Back Pain Prevention

As with most things, prevention is best! There are some things you can start doing today to help prevent back pain.

  • Stretching- stretching before any strenuous activity, or just to start your day, will help loosen up the muscles of your back and make them less prone to injury
  • Exercise- exercise will strengthen your back muscles and help prevent back strains
  • Lift properly- to prevent back pain you should avoid heavy lifting as much as possible but when it’s unavoidable you’ll want to make sure you are using proper lifting techniques to avoid back injury
  • Practice good posture- proper posture can help avoid painful straining on your back muscles. If you sit at a desk all day make sure you have a comfortable chair and are getting up regularly to loosen your muscles. 

Treatment With Integrated Health Solutions

Even with the best preventative measures, you may still experience back pain. Our professionals at Integrated Health Solutions can help! Our treatment options include things like massage therapy, cold laser therapy, decompression therapy, and chiropractic treatment. Call us today to see how we can relieve your back pain!

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